• Bedford County’s biggest yard sale is a year-long effort

        Members of Resurrection Catholic Church hold what is probably Bedford County’s biggest yard sale every year.

        Called Joyous Junque, the two-day sale is held on the first full weekend of June every year with 30 percent of the proceeds going to the church’s outreach programs and 70 percent going to local charities. This year, they passed out $48,000 to 25 charities, all but one of which are in either Franklin or Bedford County.
        That’s a pretty big yard sale!

  • Walk hopes to double its success this year

        The Jim Cameron Memorial Walk turned out to a great success for Lake Christian Ministries (LCM) when held for the first time last year.

        The event netted $27,000 with 40 teams, comprising 340 individuals worked to raise money for the organization’s work. According to Bart Matthies, co-chairman of the fundraising effort, this far exceeded expectations.

  • Open house features historic home

        Bedford Lutheran Church will hold an open house on Sunday at its parish house of Burks Hill Road. Their parish house is an historic home that came into the congregation’s possession by accident.
        Bedford Lutheran is a new Evangelical Lutheran Church of America congregation that currently worships at the Bower Center. This works out well, while the church financially positions itself to build its own sanctuary.

  • History renewed

    St. Thomas Episcopal Church is the little, old red brick church you see on top of a low hill on your right as you drive north on Va. 122 in the Sedalia area.

  • Variation on Stations of the Cross

        St. John’s Episcopal Church will observe Good Friday with the Stations of the Cross. This follows Jesus as He carries His cross to Calvary, His crucifixion and death. During this service, people physically follow Jesus moving to 14 stations in the sanctuary.

  • Holding regulators accountable
  • Church news (week of Jan. 16, 2013)


  • Forest couple seeks to keep Nepali girls from sex slavery

        Ken and Diana Harbour, who own Blue Crane Accupuncture in Forest, also operate a Christian Mission organization called Barnabas Fellowship, which was founded in 1990 and is focused on Nepal.

         The couple have visited Nepal a number of times since 1986. They started a program in 2009, as part of Barnabas, called Save the Daughters Project.

  • Church news (week of Oct. 24, 2012)



    Art in a Sacred Place

  • Volunteer chaplains celebrate 10th anniversary

    Bedford Memorial Hospital’s volunteer chaplains celebrated their 10th anniversary this month.

         They marked it with a presentation of a painting by Beulah Witt. Witt’s painting depicts 10 hands in a circle forming a heart. All the hands depicted are hands of real people, either people who work at the hospital or people who worship at Mountain View Union Church.
        The volunteer chaplains seek to show love to people coming to the hospital through kindness.