Pet of the Week

Bedford Humane Society
Dewey is approximately 9 months old and will be a medium-to-large dog when he is finished growing. He was returned to the Bedford Humane Society through no fault of his own after being adopted as a young puppy. He is a playful, goofy guy who is loyal to his person or family. He is willing and eager to please and has already learned the commands Sit, Down, Crate Up, and Come. With further training he would be happy to learn a lot more. He is fully crate trained and has not had any 'accidents' in his foster home since his first week there.  Dewey has good manners in the house and does not need to be supervised constantly. He will play quietly with his toys and stay on his dog bed if you tell him to. If you leave him outside, Dewey will alarm bark when strange vehicles or people approach. Otherwise he is a pretty quiet guy and does not bark or whine when left alone. Dewey loves to play fetch and tug of war, rides well in the car, and he walks well on the leash with the occasional reminder not to pull. He is also the type of dog you will be able to trust not to run away if you let him off leash. He wants to be where his person is.  Dewey gets along great with other dogs of all ages and sizes and has learned to leave the house cats alone. He is still tempted to chase the occasional outside cat though if he is feeling playful. Dewey has also been around young children, though not in his current foster home.  For more information, please call the Bedford Humane Society at 540-586-6100, or go to www.bhsva.org/adoptions-home.htm to fill out an adoption application.