Courts and Crime

  • Five felonies yield prison time for Bedford woman

        A Bedford woman will spend two years and three months in jail following her sentencing on five felonies and two sets of probation violations.

        On Friday, Bedford County Circuit Court Judge James Updike sentenced Danielle Elizabeth Crews to five years in prison, suspended after the service of one year and three months in prison on the five felonies. He also sentenced her to serve one year of her previously revoked sentence on probation violations, which was to run consecutively with the felony sentences.

  • Ware still hasn’t hired an attorney

        On Jan. 20, Tony Ware appeared in Circuit Court for a show cause hearing and asked Judge James Updike for a continuance in order to hire an attorney. He was granted a continuance until March 1.
        Tuesday afternoon, Ware was back in court, still without an attorney. He said a local lawyer told Ware that he should take the money he was going to pay him and put it toward the restitution he must pay.

  • Man charged with owning dangerous dogs

        At 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday February 17, Bedford County 911 dispatchers received a call reporting a black pit bull had attacked another dog at Boonsboro Place.
        While deputies were responding dispatchers received a second call advising two children had been bitten by a black pit bull and a white pit bull. After arriving on the scene, deputies spoke with the two children.

  • Bedford woman must repay close to $2,000

        A former employee of Dollar General in Forest will have to repay close to $2,000 to the company as part of a plea agreement reached in Bedford County Circuit Court last Friday.
        Caitlin Michelle Throne, 22 of Bedford, was sentenced to two years in prison with all of that time suspended for embezzling $1953.04 from Dollar General. She was arrested on the charge in August 2014 and entered a guilty plea last April.

  • Perjury plea entered in Lyon sisters case

        The brother-in-law of a man who is a person of interest in the 1975 abduction case of sisters Sheila and Katherine Lyon in Maryland was found guilty of perjury in Bedford County Circuit Court Tuesday.
        Leslie Joseph Engleking, 69, is the brother-in-law of Richard Welch who is a person of interest in the case; he has yet to be charged.
        Engleking was arrested Aug. 7 after testifying to a multi-jurisdictional special grand jury empaneled to investigate the Lyon sisters case.

  • Charges filed against former officer

    For 26 years he wore the uniform of the Bedford Police Department; on Tuesday morning he was wearing an orange jumpsuit from the local jail.

        Last Friday, Feb. 5, former Bedford Police officer Brian McAlexander was indicted by a Bedford County Grand Jury on six felony indictments for possession of child pornography. He was arrested in Henry County by Henry County Sheriff’s deputies.

  • Aponte in court

        A motion to suppress a blood alcohol concentration test (BAC) conducted on a woman accused of driving while drunk during an accident in which her 6-year-old son was killed was denied during a hearing Tuesday in Bedford County Circuit Court.
        Judge James Updike said there was enough probable cause and exigent circumstances to allow the test, though in essence it was a warrantless search.

  • Back in prison — this time for 15 years

        Since 1994, Larry Preston Caldwell Jr. has been in and out of court including for eight felony sentencing events – and he’s never successfully completed a term of probation before facing new charges.

    `    Caldwell, 40, will have the next 15 years in prison to think about that after being sentenced for a malicious wounding charge and a probation violation after being out of prison for only eight months on similar charges.

  • Lynchburg man will seek trial for taking knife to man’s throat

    Instead of entering a plea, the 37-year-old Lynchburg man, accused of cutting a man across his face and neck last September, is now planning to seek a jury trial, scheduled for March 29.
        Michael Dale Fitzgerald was in court last Friday afternoon for what was originally scheduled as a plea, but turned into a motions hearing to have the trial date set. Fitzgerald was arrested Sept. 28 for the alleged attack which had occurred Sept. 23.

  • Craigslist sex ad pleas

        Jennifer Anne Bandy-Mitchell, 23, of Roanoke, entered guilty pleas, Tuesday, to abduction and malicious wounding charges that stem from a response to an online personal ad she ran for sex that turned violent.
        According to Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Wes Nance, Matthew William Caruso responded to a personal ad Bandy-Mitchell ran on Craigslist for casual sex, arriving at a home in Bedford County near the town of Bedford on July 22, 2015.