• The voters have spoken

        This year's state and local election, held on a sunny day with mild temperatures, brought out a larger than anticipated percentage of voters. Preliminary figures show that 21 percent of registered voters in Bedford County cast ballots yesterday.

        Voters reelected Sheriff Mike Brown by a margin of 76 percent with 10,225 voters casting ballots to reelect him. Charles Stebbins received 24 percent of the vote with 3,160 votes cast in his favor.

  • Voter turnout was good

        A warm, sunny election day brought more voters than anticipated to the polls yesterday. According to Barbara Gunter, total voter turnout across the county was 11.7 percent by 11:35 a.m, but some precincts had reached 14 percent and the Knights of Columbus precinct, in Forest, was the morning turnout champion with 18 percent of its registered voters having cast ballots before noon.

        Gunter, in a phone interview before noon, said turnout was higher than expected at that point.

  • Council looks at stronger regs on those who don’t keep up property

        Town Council is looking to strengthen the town’s ordinance dealing with property owners who don’t maintain their property.
        “We have a number of consistent violators, “ Town Manager Charles Kolakowki told Council during a work session last week.
        Kolakowski said the vast majority of the problem property owners are out of town. Some are out of state. Some “use us for a lawn service.”

  • Work on courthouse nearly complete

        “We are 99 percent done,” said Sheldon Cash, the county’s director of public works, concerning repair work on the courthouse.

        The bell tower repair was done first.
        “They worked from the top down,” Cash said.
        The weather vane, which had lost half of its directions, was replaced. The new copper dome shines like a new penny — it will gradually weather and acquire a green patina.

  • Bedford County makes progress on safer fire trucks

        According to Jack Jones, the county’s director of fire and rescue, a tax increase in 2014 and a plan developed by the county’s volunteer fire chiefs, has made it possible to get rolling on a project to replace aging fire trucks.

  • COPsync: County first in state to use it

        On Friday, Oct. 23 the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, Bedford County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Douglas Schuch and CEO of COPsync, Brandon Flanagan , formally announced the beginning of a new security project.

  • Stebbins challenges Brown for sheriff

        Sheriff Mike Brown is seeking another term as Bedford County’s sheriff. He promises to continue and expand the programs he has already started, and is adding a new one.
        For the past few years Brown has been strongly urging the board of supervisors to add more school resource officers to improve school safety.

  • Dooley seeks to unseat Pollard

        District 6 is the only contested board of supervisors race. District 1 Supervisor Bill Thomasson faces no opposition in his reelection bid and Kevin Willis and Tommy Scott are running unopposed for the District 7 and District 5 seats.
        Back in June, Andy Dooley defeated District 6 Supervisor Annie Pollard in a primary for the Republican nomination. Pollard, who has always previously run as an independent, is now mounting a write-in campaign.

    Andy Dooley

  • Johnson seeks to unseat Downey in District 1

        District 1 features the only contested school board race, with W. P. Johnson seeking to unseat one-term incumbent Richard Downey.
        Downey feels retaining an experienced school board member is important as two current school board members will not seek reelection to the board. He said a new school board member has a steep learning curve. A new member on the school board will spend his first year in office learning how everything works.

  • Creasy seeks Eubank’s office

        Julie Creasy, who has worked in the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office for 22 years, hopes to succeed Faye Eubank as Commissioner of the Revenue. Eubank is not seeking reelection this year.