• Bob Wandrei

        Bob Wandrei just won reelection to Bedford City Council in November, but now he has to do it all over again. That’s because City Council will cease to exist on June 30 and Wandrei wants to be on the new town council that takes on July 1.

        Last fall’s election was contested, but this time there are seven candidates for seven seats. However, there is competition. The top four vote-getters in next week’s election will get full four year terms on the town council. The others get two-year terms.

  • Jim Vest

    Jim Vest grew up in the town of Bedford. Today Vest lives in the city of Bedford.

        Now, he’s running for Bedford Town Council.
        Vest is currently a Bedford City councilman. He previously served on City Council from 1982 to 1994, including a tour of duty as vice mayor. Vest said he left at that point because he believed in term limits at the time. He returned in 2006 and has served ever since.
        “It was suggested that I run again, so I did,” Vest said.

  • Skip Tharp

        Skip Tharp is the longest serving member on Bedford City Council. He’s held seat on that elected body since 1992. Now, he want’s to serve on the new town council which will replace City Council on July 1 when Bedford reverts to town status.

        Why does he want to be on Town Council?
        “To see us through the transition,” Tharp replied.

  • C. G. Stanley

        C. G. Stanley has served on Bedford City Council since 2002. With Bedford’s reversion to town status coming up on July 1, Stanley is seeking a seat on the new Town Council.

        He’s a Bedford native.
        “I’ve got some good memories of growing up here, good lasting memories,” he said.
        Stanley described Bedford as a thriving community in his youth.

  • Steve Rush

        Steve Rush is one of the Bedford City councilmen who won reelection last fall, then has had to turn around and do the whole process over again this spring in order to get a seat on Bedford Town Council. City Council will disappear when the city of Bedford becomes the town of Bedford on July 1.

  • Stacey Hailey

        Stacey Hailey is the new guy on Bedford City Council.

        He won a contested election last fall and now he has to do it all over again in order to have a seat on Town Council, which takes over from City Council on July 1. This time there isn’t a contested election, but Hailey is aiming to be among the top four vote getters who will receive four year terms.

  • Robert Carson

        Robert Carson is the only person running for Town Council who is not currently a member of Bedford City Council. Carson threw his hat in the ring after learning that Mary Flood will not seek a seat on the new elected body.

        Carson, who is 58,  is a Bedford native and has been involved with Little Town Players (LTP) for nearly 20 years. He’s been in a number of LTP’s productions and had lead roles in Purlie and Amen Corner. Carson directed last year’s production of Purlie.

  • Town Council election is Tuesday

        Bedford will hold its first town council election in more than 40 years on Tuesday, May 7.
        This election will fill all seven seats in the newly elected governing body. Polls open, at the Bedford Central Library and the Welcome Center at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. according to City Registrar Randi Herrick.
        “This is a special election only for Council,” Herrick stressed.

  • Rec changes coming

        Bedford County is poised to take over the city of Bedford’s Recreation Department, but at least one council member isn’t ready to turn it completely over yet.
        During a budget work session held last Tuesday, Councilman C.G. Stanley suggested there be a transition period over several months or even a year, before the town totally gives up that service to the county.

  • Neighbors protest bus facility.

    A proposal to build a tour bus maintenance facility in Montvale drew complaints from neighbors when it came before the planning commission last week.