Local News

  • Bedford flies the Tricolor

        French flags, paired with American flags, were placed on street light poles in Bedford’s Centertown, Monday. The flags are due to the terrorist attack in Paris over the weekend and Town Manager Charlie Kolakowski said this was done to show solidarity with the French — showing solidarity at a time of tragedy.

        Kolakowski  said the  idea came from a  citizen who called his office.
        “I thought it was a good idea,” he said.

  • Big Island man honored for his actions in Vietnam

        Roger Goff was 20 when he was killed in action in Vietnam in 1967. He was awarded the Bronze Star, posthumously, for his action that day. He was killed while dragging wounded men to safety.

        It was April 28, 1967, and his unit became involved in an intense firefight.

  • Memorial salutes veterans

        A crowd of almost 900 people turned out on a sunny, pleasant morning last week for the National D-Day Memorial’s annual Veterans Day program.

        Veterans Day originally started as Armistice Day, shortly after World War I, to commemorate the armistice that took effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, ending that war.

  • The price was right

        For Laura Credle, August 17 was the best day ever.

        That’s the day she got to live out a life-long dream.
        That’s the day she got to run down the aisle – of the game show, The Price is Right.
        And this Thursday, Nov. 19, all of the nation will get to watch – including residents in the Bedford area.

  • Would you kiss a pig?

        A pig paid a visit to Oakwood Manor, Friday.

  • Rotary project promotes reading at Blue Ridge Parkway, Big Island

        The Blue Ridge Parkway had some heartburn over the Bedford Rotary Club’s original design for a Little Free Library at the Peaks of Otter Lodge — specifically the Cat in the Hat painting and the Bedford Rotary plaque on it.

  • Decorated WWII vet to speak at ceremony

        The National D-Day Memorial will host a special ceremony, “Honoring our Veterans,”  on Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 11 a.m. 

        The ceremony includes music by Bedford Elementary School students, guest speakers including award winning author Alex Kershaw and World War II veteran Roger Neighborgall, a presentation of historic flags by regional JROTC groups (to include five area high schools), a Bronze Star presentation and recognition of all veterans. 

  • Raintree holds its first ‘Community Day’

        Raintree Village Apartments held what Maisie Waro, the apartment complex’s manager hopes will be at least an annual event Thursday afternoon. It was simply called “Community Day.”

  • Dealing with feral cats

        A local group wants to convince Bedford that doing right by animals is also doing right for taxpayers.

        “The issue of too many dogs and cats impacts each Bedford resident, whether you love animals or not,” says Rebecca Klahn who co-founded Bedford Cares three years ago. “That’s where your money goes. Even if I didn’t care about cats and dogs, I wouldn’t want my tax dollars going to euthanize them. I would want them spent on education or roads or a ton of other things that need to be done.”

  • Area loses aviation legend

        Bedford lost an aviation legend last week.

        Rucker Tibbs, who turned 92 on Sept. 19, passed into history on Oct. 13. As late as last summer, Tibbs, an expert aircraft mechanic, was still running the fixed base operation at New London Airport.
        He was  renowned among local aircraft owners and mechanics for being able to accurately diagnose an aircraft engine problem by listening to its sound over a cell phone. He was also known for a cheerful, politically incorrect, sense of humor.