Local News

  • They're back!

        It was a happy meeting.

  • Local guard unit returns from Iraq

    Approximately 300 soldiers from the Lynchburg-based 1st Battalion, 116th Infantry Regiment, 116th Brigade Combat Team returned to the United States Aug. 19 after serving in Iraq since March.

  • Bedford's police say 'Goodbye'

    The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office answered calls in Bedford Monday morning.

        This was so that the entire Bedford police department could attend Sergeant Boyd Lee Royer’s funeral held at Memorial Christian Church in Lynchburg. All but the police officers who worked the midnight shift were there. Chief Jim Day said that they had worked all night and needed to get some sleep because they would be back on again at midnight.

  • Opportunity provides Japanese teen chance to experience our culture

    Arisa Emoto, of Takarazuka, Japan, has been having a total cultural immersion experience this summer.

        The Japanese 13-year old has been staying with Mary DeWald’s family under an exchange program. Emoto speaks only a little English. Nobody in DeWald’s family speaks Japanese. That’s made it a swim or sink experience. Emoto is swimming.

  • High wind, lightning cause problems

    A collision between a cold front, rolling out of the north, and hot, humid air brought high wind and lightning to the Bedford area Thursday afternoon.

        “It was really hot and humid over the area,” said Marc Chenard, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Blacksburg office.
        The result of the collision between the air masses created storms that went high in the atmosphere. Chenard said that storms that go as high as Thursday’s storms create strong straightline winds at the surface.

  • Keeping watch: Parkway ecologist keeps eye on plants

    The Blue Ridge Parkway’s 75th anniversary has Chris Ulrey, the Parkway’s plant ecologist, traveling to various communities with a presentation on the national park’s diversity of flora. Not that Ulrey spends a lot of time behind a desk. His job gets him out to lots of places, including up in tall trees. He’s also the Parkway’s arborist.

  • Three firefighters injured during response to call

    Three Stewartsville-Chamblissburg volunteer firefighters had a close call Monday when a portion of the roof of a burning house collapsed on them, temporarily trapping them.

  • Could elk soon return here?

    Elk are not welcome in Bedford County. So say the Bedford County Board of Supervisors.

        We’re not talking about members of the fraternal organization that has its national home in Bedford. We’re talking about the largest member of the deer family. Only moose are larger than elk.

  • It's been dry

    It’s dry. And how dry is it? Mark Goode, of Double Goode Dairy, stood out in a corn field late last month. The field was planted in late May, but many of the corn stalks aren’t even stalks — they’re about ankle high. The tallest didn’t even come up to his chest. They should have been 10-feet tall.

  • Have an international experience without having to leave home

    Several Bedford are people have established international connections by hosting visitors who come to the United States under the auspices of Legacy International Legacy was a sponsor of a program for East European countries that had come out of communism. The purpose of the program was to introduce them to capitalism.