Local News

  • Fourth of July events

        There will be plenty of opportunities to see fireworks and enjoy Fourth of July events throughout the area this upcoming week.

    Bedford fireworks
        The Independence Day Fireworks in Bedford will be held on Sunday, July 3, beginning at dusk. Parking will be available at Liberty Lake Park. Handicap Parking is offered at the Bedford Visitor’s Center.

  • Judicial Watch files lawsuit in Bedford County

        Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit last week in Bedford County Circuit Court seeking to block Governor Terry McAuliffe’s executive order that restored the voting rights of 206,000 felons.
        The lawsuit was filed on behalf of five Bedford County residents who are registered voters and say that Gov. McAuliffe’s action is illegal and cancels out their votes with the votes of people who are not eligible to vote.
        Why did Judicial Watch file the suit here?

  • Body discovered at town’s hydro- electric plant on the James River

    According to John Wagner, the director of Bedford’s electric department, the operator of the town’s hydroelectric plant on the James River got a nasty surprise when he arrived at work at 7:30 a.m. on June 10.
        The Snowden plant has a debris rake, a grate that stops debris floating down the river from being sucked into the plant’s turbines. The operator noticed something unusual that morning and went over to check on it. He was horrified to discover a rotting corpse.

  • Woman injured in Jet ski explosion

        Smith Mountain Lake Marine Volunteer Fire Rescue, teamed with Bedford County Medics 14-8 and Company 8 were dispatched at 11:08 a.m. Tuesday morning to marker R26 for an operator whose jet ski explosion ejected the operator with injuries into Smith Mountain Lake.

        Smith Mountain Lake Marine Volunteer Fire Rescue Fireboat 11-6 & 11-8 were on scene in minutes, according to a release from the department.

  • Bower Center finishes upgrades

    Dr. John D. Bower and his partner of 40 years, Edna Curry, gifted the Bower Center for the Arts with $1 million for upgrades and expansion for the facility.
        That work is now complete and a ribbon cutting and grand reopening of the Bower Center has been set for June 30 at 3 p.m.
        Dr. Bower and his family will be here for the reopening, along with numerous local and state officials. The upgrades have ensured the Center’s legacy for years to come.

  • Riding for a cause

        A group of young adults riding bicycles across the country stopped for a lunch break in Moneta, Friday. The bicyclists are riding cross country. They started in Baltimore, Maryland, and are headed for San Francisco.

  • The flight to Normandy

        When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, Norwood Thomas was supremely confident in America’s armed forces.

        “I thought they’d be blown back to eternity in two weeks,” he said.
        Things took a little longer than that.
        “About three months later, I thought they could use my help,” he said.
      Thomas was one of the speakers during Monday’s D-Day Remembrance at the National D-Day Memorial.

  • National Guard colonel promoted at D-Day Memorial

        Monday’s events at the National D-Day Memorial began with a promotion.

        Colonel Lapthe Flora was promoted to brigadier general in the Virginia National Guard. Colonel, now General Flora, asked that his promotion ceremony be held at the D-Day Memorial because his adoptive father was a D-Day veteran.

  • Employees of Green’s Drug Store to get together June 18

    Green’s Drug Store closed its doors in March 1998, but in the 56 years it was open it employed many workers from this community.

  • Employees of Green’s Drug Store to get together June 18

    Green’s Drug Store closed its doors in March 1998, but in the 56 years it was open it employed many workers from this community.

        Many of those employees are planning to get together Saturday, June 18, for a time to renew old friendships from their time working at the shop.
        “I just have a lot of fond memories that go way back,” stated Barbara Catron, who worked at   the store from 1954 until it closed in 1998.