Local News

  • Hotel proposal moves ahead

    Action by Bedford County's planning commission, Monday, cleared the way for a hotel/conference center to be built near the National D-Day Memorial.

    Nearly all the hotel's site is in the city limits and Bedford's zoning for that area allows the hotel as a use by right. A half acre of the site, however, is in Bedford County and that part is zoned AR (agricultural/residential). Norris Blanks, the hotel's developer, asked for it to be rezoned C-2 (general commercial).

  • City seeks 'Old Yellow' proposals

    "Old Yellow" is on the selling block.

    The city wants to receive official proposals for a new use for the former elementary school, built in 1912 and empty now for close to two decades.

    The goal, according to City Manager Charles Kolakowski, is "to get a positive reuse out of the building and preserve the building at no cost to the city."

  • Supervisors set to advertise budget

    Bedford County taxpayers won't be facing a tax increase this year.

  • Council hears budget requests

    Following a two-hour preliminary work session on the upcoming fiscal year budget, Bedford City Council heard proposals at its Tuesday night meeting from several local agencies on their request for funding in that budget.

    "We have a real challenge in front of us," Bedford Mayor Skip Tharp said about work on the budget.

    Among the agencies that requested funds from Bedford at last week's meeting:

  • Supervisors: No tax hike this year

    Bedford County's supervisors won't include a tax hike in this year's budget.

    "I just don't see where this is the year for more spending increases," commented District 1 Supervisor Dale Wheeler.

    Wheeler said that everybody's billfold has been hammered this year. County residents are already paying more for fuel and electricity, so hitting them with a tax increase would hurt, he noted.

  • Supervisors deny townhouse request

    A request by May Brothers, Inc., for a special use permit to build townhouses for its seasonal workers, was shot down by a 5-2 vote by the county's supervisors Monday night.

  • Charges certified in shooting at Thaxton

    Just prior to being shot in the face at a home off Thaxton School Road in January, a Bedford County man testified Monday that he heard a woman state: "There's the boy in the coveralls. Shoot the son of a b****."

    Charges against a Thaxton woman accused in the shooting of 44-year-old Jesse Phillips of Bedford County in January have been certified to the Bedford County Grand Jury.

  • Short term mission; long term impact

    Short term mission trips can make use of some surprising skills.

    Christine Kennedy, a member of Brookhill Wesleyan Church, found that the skills she employs with Lynchburg's chamber of commerce were helpful. Kennedy runs Leadership Lynchburg.

    "I went over there and taught on leadership," she said, referring to her first trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2003.

  • Bedford woman trains dogs to help young, old

    In addition to being good friends, dogs provide service in many ways. Service dog is one line of work that many are involved in. It takes a lot of special training to prepare them for this job.

    A local woman, Cassondra Cummin of Bedford, has been training service dogs for a number of years. One unusual feature of her service dog training work is that her trainees all come from the Bedford Animal Shelter.

    Cummin tests candidates.

  • Committee looks at zoning ordinance, worship

    Representatives of local churches and county planning officials are meeting to make sure that the county zoning ordinance does not interfere with churches' right to worship.

    This became an issue in 2006 when the Cowboy Church began meeting on a farm in Moneta. The Cowboy Church holds worship on Thursday nights in facilities that are not normally used for religious worship. The idea is to reach people who would not normally go to a church. The Cowboy Church was meeting in a barn normally used as part of a horse auction facility.