Local News

  • Breaking: Perriello lead jumps to 814 votes

    Democratic challenger Tom Perriello's lead in he 5th District Congressional race jumped to 814 votes Thursday afternoon, as the vote counts continued to be updated following Tuesday's election.

    Incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode, after holding onto the slimmest of leads for most of the day Wednesday, fell behind challenger Tom Perriello by 31 votes in late afternoon updates Thursday's update turned worse for Goode.

    In the race, Perriello led 158,516 to 157,702 over Goode as of 2 p.m. Thursday.

  • Goodlatte coasts, 5th District race close

    Although the Bedford area bucked the state trend, Barack Obama became the first Democratic Presidential candidate to carry Virginia since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. The Commonwealth contributed its 13 electoral votes to Obama's 349 electoral vote win.

    Voters in the city of Bedford also favored McCain over Obama 54.75 percent to 44.18 percent (1,497 to 1,208), though the absentee ballots had yet to be counted. County favored McCain by 68.17 percent to 30.75 (24,402 to 11,007).

  • Crash claims county teen

    A county teen was killed in a head-on crash, Monday morning, while driving to school.

    According state police, Tiffany Skylar LaPrade, 16, was driving east on Va. 24 when her 2001 Toyota Camry crossed the center line and hit a 2003 Dodge Ram pick-up driven by Rodney Whorley, of Huddleston. Whorley's truck then ran off the right shoulder of the road and overturned.

    The force of the impact threw LaPrades' car back into her original lane of travel, hiting a Honda Accord driven by Crystal Mayhew, of Vinton. Mayhew was eastbound at the time.

  • NLA staff receive insulin, not flu shots

    A mistake by a school nurse at New London Academy resulted in six staff at the school receiving insulin shots instead of flu shots Friday. Five of the six receiving the shots were sent to the hospital for treatment.

    “All are fine and back at work today (Monday),” noted Ryan Edwards, public relations coordinator with Bedford County Public Schools.

  • JF holds dedication ceremony

    School and county officials officially cut the ribbon on the $38.5 million Jefferson Forest High School Renovation Project last week.

    At a ceremony held at the school Tuesday evening, officials touted the cooperation between the school system and Bedford County in helping have the project finished early and under budget. A working committee between the two boards helped oversee the project.

  • Students learn by teaching

    Bedford Science and Technology Center horticulture students had an opportunity to learn by teaching when they gave a presentation to eighth grade students from the county's middle schools.

    The horticulture students put the displays together, according to Claire Robertson, the horticulture teacher. Displays showed desert plants and students explained why such plants have thick leaves and cacti have spines. The thick leaves store water in drought. Cacti have spines to discourage animals from tapping into the water they've stored.

  • Presidential, congressional elections take center stage

    Tuesday is the big day.

    Not only do we elect a new president, but every House of Representatives seat is up for grabs as are a number of Senate seats. Virginians will choose a new senator to replace John Warner, who is not seeking reelection. Two former governors are vying to fill the seat. Locally there are elections in both the Fifth and Sixth Congressional Districts.

    Jim Gilmore, the Republican candidate for Senate, served as governor from 1998 until 2002 after serving as the Commonwealth's attorney general from 1994 to 1998.

  • Six weeks of learning culminates in mock election

    For the past six weeks students at Bedford Elementary School have been bombarded with presidential campaign commercials, political polls and visits from campaign representatives. On Monday, the students held a mock election debate on the major issues of the presidential race. This Thursday the students vote.

    If all of this sounds familiar, that's a positive outcome.

    The effort has been both a lesson in how government works and a chance for the elementary students to be engaged with this year's presidential election.

  • The Great Carving

    The smell of pumpkins permeated the halls of Bedford Primary School Saturday.

    Inside the cafeteria, some 400 pumpkins were being carved, each representing a unique design of students and staff at the school. This Thursday and Friday those pumpkins will be placed around the drive in front of the school with lit candles inside and the school's PTA will hold a bake sale as a fundraiser.

  • Four candidates for four seats

    Bedford will hold elections for City Council in November. City Council elections are at-large elections and there are four candidates running for four seats.

    Skip Tharp

    Bedford Mayor Skip Tharp has been on City Council since 1992. He's a Bedford native and 1965 Liberty High School graduate who runs a family owned business. Tharp said that he ran for council, and routinely seeks reelection, because serving there gives him the chance to get things done, to make things happen. Local government, he said, is what has the most direct affect on people.