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  • Bedford enters into agreement to bring business class hotel to town

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    The Town of Bedford’s Economic Development Authority today announced it has entered into an exclusive arrangement with Dogwood Development Company to negotiate and plan the feasibility of the construction of a business-class hotel in the Town of Bedford.


  • Agriculture remains critically important in the commonwealth

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • A lack of competition in Obamacare hurts patients

    It’s a crazy system.” That’s what Bill Clinton had to say about Obamacare recently. It’s not often that we agree on something, but I feel the same way as President Clinton and so do the millions of Americans facing higher health care costs and reduced access as a result of this seriously flawed law.


  • Hillary doesn’t deserve the hatred

        In this presidential election year, one party’s nominee is plainly unqualified, immature despite advanced age, bigoted, explosive, and running as a “brilliant” businessman despite several bankruptcies and a history of mountainous debt.
        The other nominee is supremely qualified, with a proven track record of public service going back decades, devoted both to family and people at large, and has made history as the first woman chosen by a major party for president.

  • Our democracy’s death will be our own fault

        There has been a great deal of hyperventilating in British tabloids about Russia and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. To see some of their stuff on the Internet, you would think World War III was about to start. Recently I was on a Trump vs Clinton Facebook debate and one person posted an article from one of these publications, I think it was the Dailey Mail, that had him convinced Russia is massing for an attack.

  • Week 10 Football previews

    Bedford County Clash

  • Forest defeats Liberty in five sets

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        The Lady Minutemen gave Jefferson Forest a run for a win last Thursday during their second county and district meeting. The Lady Cavaliers didn’t give up the win but it took five sets to secure their victory.
        Forest took the first set winning 25-19. The Lady Minutemen came back in the second to win 25-21.

  • Montvale man to be re-sentenced

        A United States Supreme Court ruling stating that life sentences are unconstitutional for juveniles in most cases has sent hundreds of cases back for re-sentencing, including one here in Bedford.
        Randy Dwayne Ross, at the age of 17, was convicted in 1999 for capital murder and firearms charges in connection with the murder, in 1998, of 17-year-old Jamelle Edward Poindexter, a Liberty High School student.

  • Two locals inducted into the ASA Hall of Fame

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        Edward ‘Eddie’ Walker was a part of the third class inducted into the Piedmont Virginia American Softball Association (ASA) Hall of Fame as an umpire last Saturday, October 22.
        The ASA Hall of Fame inducts softball players, coaches and umpires into the Hall of Fame. 
        Walker has been umpiring softball for 45 years. “This is my 40th year as an NCAA official in the ACC and SEC,” said Walker.

  • Hook and ladder trips up JF

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        It was the final play that sealed a 26-21 victory by E.C. Glass over Jefferson Forest last Friday. The hook and ladder tripped up the JF defense and Glass was able to score one final touchdown.