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  • Titan Toughman Wrestling tournament

    Sports Editor
        Staunton River and Liberty took to the mats at the Titan Toughman tournament in Hidden Valley Friday, Dec. 11 and Saturday, Dec. 12.

  • Staunton River soars over Forest

    Sports Editor
        The game couldn’t have been any closer. It was the first of two games to be played between the county teams with the Jefferson Forest boys falling 45-44 to Staunton River on Tuesday, Dec. 8. 
        Forest took the lead in the first quarter leading 10-9. The Golden Eagles came back in the second quarter to jump ahead of the Cavaliers leading at halftime 25-23.

  • A close fraternity

        “It’s a great fraternity,” Sheriff Mike Brown said of law enforcement.

        This was demonstrated when Lt. Darryl Saunders, a 27-year veteran of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.
        Saunders had been experiencing some difficulty swallowing. At first he thought it was stress, but finally went to see a doctor.

  • Hour of Code

        Students at Moneta Elementary School joined millions of students from around the world last week in an Hour of Code, a part of Computer Science Education Week.

  • Board looks at middle school options

        A design committee, consisting of school officials and community and student representatives, met early this month and settled on two possible designs for the new middle school that will be built in the Liberty zone.

  • The day that will forever live in infamy

    By   James F. Burns    

        I miss a man I never met.  Howard Keniston.  He had two sons.  He lost two sons.  On the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941—a day that shall indeed “forever live in infamy.”

  • Too many guns, and no shame

        Wednesday, Dec. 2, was just another beautiful day in the Gun Massacre Capital of the World.
    Yep, one more gun massacre. By count, it was the 355th such shooting of the year, which, at the time made for an average of slightly more than one per day.
        But you know what? Too many Americans just really aren’t all that concerned about it. Our gun-worship culture has now developed a ritual of reaction every time there’s another mass shooting.

  • Roast Turkey?

        An item that circulated on Facebook shortly before Thanksgiving shows a photo of President Barack Obama talking on a phone with text reading “What will you have for Thanksgiving dinner?” Below that is a photo of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, also talking on a phone with text that reads “Turkey.”

  • Disgusting

    t was a disgusting column.
        Linda Stasi of the New York Daily News wrote a column this week equating one of the 14 victims of the San Bernardino , California, mass shooting to the shooters themselves.

  • Salem man faces drug, gun charges

        At 1:50 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, Bedford County 911 dispatchers received a call to the Shop-In Convenience Store located at 7865 Jordantown Rd.
        According to a press release from the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, the caller reported there was a Nissan Pathfinder parked on the side parking lot of the store with a man in it. The vehicle had been there for two hours and he, the lone occupant, seemed to be unresponsive.