Today's News

  • Council raises tax rate 2 cents

        On a 6-1 vote last Tuesday, Bedford Town Council passed a 2 cent tax increase to the real estate tax rate, raising the rate to 32 cents per $100 of valuation.
        The increase means town of Bedford residents will pay a rate of 84 cents for the upcoming fiscal year, with the addition of the county’s tax rate of 52 cents per $100 of valuation added to the town’s rate.
        Still, Bedford Town Manager Charles Kolakowski noted that town residents are paying less than they did when Bedford was still a city.

  • Teacher of the year finalists named

        With each school in Bedford County Public Schools having selected its own Teacher of the Year, that list has now been trimmed down to three finalists for the school system’s overall winner.

        The BCPS 2016 Teacher of the Year will be announced during a dinner at Boonsboro Country Club next Tuesday, May 12, 6:15 p.m.

  • Sports commentary: Moneyball

        I’m rarely accused of being a man of few words.  That I need four or so pages of newsprint each week backs up that assertion.
        I do, however, hold in high esteem those who can get their points across with a minimum of verbiage.
        Highest regard goes to those who can convey their meaning without words:  a head nod, a wink, a nudge.

  • River roundup

        Big on the Golden Eagles’ menu this past week was Alleghany.
        The good news was that the baseball and girls soccer teams got back on track with key wins over the Mountaineers.
        The middlin’ news was that the boys soccer team saw its game with the Alleghanians rained out to a later date.
        The bad news was that the softball team suffered its first loss of the Blue Ridge season.

  • Cavs buzz Bees; Bees sting back

        ‘Tis a well-known fact that there is little love between Brookville and Jefferson Forest.
        Sited about four miles apart, as the crow flies, and about six miles, as the bus drives, the Bees and Cavs are natural rivals.
        Any antipathy between the schools only grew in magnitude after the softball and baseball teams got together last week.

  • Rude hosts

    By Mike Forster

        The Greenbrier.  The Boar’s Head Inn.  The Homestead.
        These are all luxury resorts where guests are treated like royalty.  Invariably, guests come away from their stays feeling like a million bucks.
        To that list we’ll not add the Lady Minutemen Field.  For it was there that guests found themselves mistreated by the hosts.  They most assuredly did not leave the place feeling like that million bucks.

  • The CFPB needs Increased transparency and accountability

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Tax reforms are the foundation of an opportunity economy

    Tax Day has come and gone, but the aggravation and frustration of tax season is still fresh in many minds. It’s during this particularly “taxing” time of year that hard working Americans are confronted with piles of forms, confusing instructions, and the prospect of turning more of their hard-earned money over to the government. Anyone who has filed taxes knows that the current tax code is overly complex and unfair. If America is to remain competitive in the global economy and build an economy ripe with opportunity here at home, the current tax system must be reformed.

  • Death penalty: The other ‘pro-life’ issue

        People who consider themselves “pro-life” have spent decades protesting abortion and rallying against Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that certified the legal right to an abortion.
        For most of them, they have long ignored the other aspect of the “pro-life” equation, which is capital punishment. In fact, most conservatives who are adamantly against abortion are also in favor of the death penalty.

  • Annoying liberals can be fun

        As I mentioned in this space back in the Bulletin’s Sept 17 edition, liberals can be a lot of fun. Specifically, needling liberals can be a lot of fun because the have such a “holier than thou” attitude that it’s not difficult to anger them. Last year, I only had to put out some bait, and wait for Rick Howell to go ballistic. This year, I had to needle him twice to get him to lift safeties.