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  • 'Dex' the Hall!


    He led Jefferson Forest to its first State football championship.

    He was the first JF graduate to play in the NFL.

    Now, Anthony Poindexter will become the first JF alum to be enshrined in the Virginia High School League's Hall of Fame.

    Poindexter will be inducted along with six other stellar athletes, coaches and contributors on October 14.  As he lives in Charlottesville, Poindexter won't have to travel far to attend the ceremony at the Charlottesville DoubleTree Hotel.

  • Sports commentary: Happy state


    I love Virginia.

    I've lived in seven states and another country.  I've been to roughly 40 states and 20 countries.

    Virginia tops them all.  I think it is nearly the perfect place to live.  

    I could use this column to write a love note to the commonwealth, singing of its many, many virtues and attractions.

    But we have a tourism board to take care of that.

  • End of the line for Islanders


    Martin and Dan conspired against them.

    That is, Martinsville provided the ball team.  Danville provided the venues.

    And Big Island's Post 217 American Legion team now finds itself with time on its collective hands.

    The Islanders made it close.  But, in the end, they didn't have the ponies to pull off a district crown.  They lost their opener in heartbreaking fashion, came back to dominate game two, then ran out of gas in game three.

  • Get the train wreck off the tracks
  • Scandal swarms over McDonnell, Cuccinelli

    One thing we can always rely on about Republicans is their unbridled devotion to capital and business...in other words, to money and power.
        Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell appears to have let his attachment to “mammon” (the Biblical term for money) get the better of him, or, perhaps better described, of him and his wife, Maureen.

  • Maybe liberals are on to something

        I’ve often wondered why Rick Howell occasionally devotes a Liberal Agenda column to trying to convince readers that homosexuality and abortion, the two top social issues for left-wingers, aren’t incompatible with Christianity. Shortly after his most recent effort, I saw a column, entitled The Myth of Unreligious America,  in the Wall Street Journal that may explain why.

  • Saving the day!

    The Bedford Moose Lodge stepped up, when no one else would. Because of that, Bedford had fireworks after all to help area residents celebrate the Independence Day weekend.
        When Bedford’s council cut funding for the fireworks from the budget, it appeared the Bedford skies would be dark for any July 4th celebration. Bedford had funded the event for several years by itself, after the county had pulled its funding.

  • Local building owners receive assistance

        Three of Bedford’s downtown building owners will be receiving special professional design services from Frazier Associates of Staunton, as part of the Design Assistance program offered by Virginia Main Street. 

        The three local property owners, who were attendees at the April 22 Property Owners’ meeting, made application through Bedford Main Street, Inc. and were recipients of the free design assistance. 

  • Making Middle Grades Work: BMS selected for national honor

    By Tom Wilmoth
    and Staff Reports

  • Walk hopes to double its success this year

        The Jim Cameron Memorial Walk turned out to a great success for Lake Christian Ministries (LCM) when held for the first time last year.

        The event netted $27,000 with 40 teams, comprising 340 individuals worked to raise money for the organization’s work. According to Bart Matthies, co-chairman of the fundraising effort, this far exceeded expectations.