Today's News

  • Key named region’s top teacher

    Eight educators learned of their selection this week as 2010 Virginia Regional Teachers of the Year during surprise classroom visits made by their division superintendents, including Liberty High School science teacher Jami N. Key.

        Key was visited Friday morning during an AP Biology class at LHS by a group of Central Office and School Board members who made the announcement.

        Key  was  this  past  year’s  Bedford  County Teacher of the Year.

  • Hospice House ready to build

    Bedford Hospice House successfully completed its capital campaign this past summer. With $1.6 million in hand, the board are ready to build.

        Now, the board needs a spot to build it. Bedford Memorial Hospital has offered a 2.5 acre site on property it owns, and Jacqueline Wente, chairman of Bedford Hospice House’s board of directors said the offer is still open. The problem is that this site may turn out to be much more expensive to build on than anyone originally anticipated.

  • Director of CVCC Bedford Center loses battle with cancer

    Robert Lowry, director of the CVCC Bedford Center, passed away Monday after a long battle with cancer.

        Lowry began work at Central Virginia Community College in November 2004 and opened the Bedford Center in January 2005. According to Robert Sandidge, acting director of the Bedford Center, Lowry did an outstanding job starting the Bedford Center and was well loved by the students, the many groups that met at the Center and the community in general.

  • Found money

    Centerfest brought out several thousand people, even in the rain, and though many spent their money on crafts, games and food others actually went home with more money in their pocket than they started with that morning thanks to one vendor stationed in front of the county administration building.

        And even if you didn’t stop by the Virginia Department of the Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division booth on Saturday, you might still have some money waiting for you to claim.

  • The art of the deal

    While Diane Wilson isn’t apt to overtake Donald Trump as a business wheeler-dealer, she certainly made a difference.

        The Centerfest guru and co-owner of the Inn at Avenel  played  a key role in the transition of a business, keeping it in the Centerfest mix.

        Captain Bill’s Peanuts has been a Centerfest fixture for many years.  With its array of flavored peanuts and other goodies, the Captain (otherwise known as Bill Hartley) did a brisk business from his station at the northwest corner of Bridge and Main.

  • Get registered

    While there aren’t any national races in this November’s election, there are still plenty of reasons for Bedford area residents to make sure they’re registered to vote. And, the fact is, this year’s gubernatorial race in Virginia is being treated by some as a national referendum on where this country is headed with the Democrats holding both Houses of Congress as well as the White House.

        So if you’re not registered to vote, you have less than a week to take care of that.

  • Letters

    Appreciate you

        Dear folks of Bedford, the response to my request for your help to fill our shelves of many needed items at Christian Ministries was over the top with your generosity. It was heartwarming to see your response.

  • House votes to stop Medicare Part B premium increase, extend unemployment benefits

    Last week, the Congress took an important action to protect seniors from increases in their 2010 Medicare Part B premiums. I joined with a bipartisan majority in the House to vote in favor of H.R. 3631, the Medicare Premium Fairness Act. With Social Security benefits expected to remain at the same level next year, an increase in Medicare premiums would cut into seniors’ Social Security.

  • Ensuring transparency in our government

    In the early morning hours of June 26th an over three hundred page amendment was approved by the House Rules Committee and included in the infamous Cap and Trade legislation.

  • The Virginia GOP’s extremist ticket

        If there’s any political entity within 1,000 miles of us that’s more predictable than the Virginia Republican Party, I challenge anyone to identify it.

        Here in the Year of our Lord 2009, state Republicans have come before us with their presentation for the offices of governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general in the Nov. 3 election. Who have they chosen? “Bob, Bill and Ken.”