Today's News

  • Government spending reaches record levels

    Just days ago the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released the details on the extraordinary increase in deficit spending by the federal government during the past two fiscal years.  CBO announced that over the last two years the federal government has increased spending by a startling 21.4 percent.  Unfortunately these numbers further demonstrate what most Americans already know – the federal government’s budget is increasing at an unsustainable pace.

  • Farm use requirements have changed

    By Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown, www.bedfordcountysheriff.org, 540-586-4800 Emergency: Dial 9-1-1

  • Hurt’s debate performance was below par

        Last week, WSLS TV, Channel 10, presented what was the first televised debate between two of the three Fifth District candidates for Congress.

        It really wasn’t much of a debate in the real sense; both men simply sat at a news desk alongside each other and moderator Jay Warren for a little less than 30 minutes.

  • Exit, stage left, won't work

        One of the things I like about Rick Howell’s The Liberal Agenda is that it’s an excellent illustration of liberals’ bizarre way of thinking. Sometimes they leave me shaking my head for some time. Take, for example, his column of Oct. 6, in which he made another appeal for America to pull an “exit, stage left” from Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • The effects are now being felt

    The effects of the health care law — passed by Congress this past March — are now being felt by just about every American in some way, though most of the provisions have yet to actually be implemented.

  • Project will provide quilts to soldiers serving at remote post in Afghanistan

        A phone call led Jan Bennett-Collier, a Bedford resident, to organize a project to provide colorful quilts for soldiers in a remote area of Afghanistan.

  • Looking for ghosts

        A trio of women spent a few hours in the Bedford Museum one evening last month to look for ghosts.

        They are part of a group, called Whispers of the Past, that investigate reports of paranormal activity. Tina Hansen, the founder of the group, said that she has been involved with paranormal investigation with other groups for two years. She founded her own organization in May and they have already conducted their own investigation at Avenel. That was in July.

  • Parents seek restoration of band position in JF zone

        Bedford County Public Schools is set to receive more than $2 million as part of a federal education stimulus bill passed by Congress this summer — and some county residents voiced Thursday how they would like to see that money spent.

        During last week’s school board meeting, several speakers from the Jefferson Forest school zone said a band teaching position at Forest Middle School, cut as part of budget reductions this year, needs to be restored.

  • Church uses novel approach to engage others

    Girl:  “What are you rebelling against, Johnny?”

    Johnny Strabler: “What do you got?”
        -Scene from “The Wild One”

        Marlon Brando’s depiction of Johnny Strabler helped sear  the image of the tough motorcyclist into the consciousness of the American public.
        Motorcycle gangs such as Hell’s Angels, the Pagans and other “Outlaw Motorcycle Groups,” have done little to change that image.

  • Montvale crews respond to Saturday bus accident

        The 40th anniversary celebration of the Montvale Rescue Squad took a serious turn Saturday when a call involving two buses on Goose Creek Valley Road was toned out. The initial report said as many as 100 people could be injured.

        While there were far fewer injuries, the incident did give the Montvale community the chance to show its hospitality and the emergency crews the chance to show they were ready for   a   more    serious   event, should one occur.