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    The Green Revolution

        Bedford County farmers are leading the way in being part of the Green Revolution.

  • Stimulus bill contains large middle class tax cut

    I am proud to announce that this week, the first piece of legislation I co-authored as a Congressman became law. The "American Opportunity Tax Credit" provides $2,500 a year for the cost of tuition and related expenses (including textbooks for the first time) to individuals making less than $80,000 per year. Up to $1,000 of this tuition tax credit will be refundable, which can be particularly important for displaced workers hoping to pay for advanced training at a community college or university.

  • House plan makes improvements over Gov. Kaine's original cuts

    Temperatures made it feel more like May than February, but legislators didn’t get to spend much time outdoors.  This week, we had some of the longest days of the session, completing our work on all bills filed by delegates and approving a package of amendments to the 2008-2010 Biennial Budget. 

  • Zoning ordinance being rewritten

    A major project for the County is the rewriting of the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision Ordinance.  This is being done to bring them into agreement with the recently adopted Comprehensive Plan.  The objective is to combine the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances into one simple, straightforward, and more readily understood document. 

  • Black History Month

    Childhood – When I say that I was born in Goode, VA, I mean that literally.  I was born across the railroad tracks in my grandmother’s house in February, 1970.    My mother, Verna Bryant, was an unwed high school senior.  She moved away to Philadelphia to work at the post office when I was eight months old.  I stayed under the watchful care and guidance of my grandmother, Susan Williams.

  • All presidents labor in Lincoln’s shadow

        It was great to watch the ceremonies last week commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of America’s greatest president, Abraham Lincoln.

        With Barack Obama’s ascension to the presidency, and his own much-noted admiration for the legacy of Lincoln, the name of the 16th president had been invoked a lot lately.

  • An African solution

        It seems two African countries have found an African solution to an African problem.

  • Ready to go

    By the time this paper hits most mailboxes in Bedford, I’ll be high above the skies en route to the Philippines as part of a medical missions team.

  • It's even sweet-a in Moneta
  • County title for River rasslers


    Last Wednesday’s county wrestling championship accomplished two things.