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  • Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!--Commentary


    The gym at Jefferson Forest High School was transformed into the set of the Jerry Springer Show during the Seminole District girls? basketball championship game.

    To revisit, with two and a half minutes remaining, Brookville led Staunton River, 60-41. A Brookville player was attempting to catch a pass. One of the Staunton River players attempted to intercept the pass. The Brookville girl went to the floor, having been hit in the eye by the Staunton River player?s head.

  • Business helps pet, home owners go away with confidence

    Through experience, Randy Holden, who has several dogs of his own, knows when someone has pets it's hard to just pick up and go on a trip.

    That reality helped him decide a few months ago to open his own house and pet-sitting service, Whisker Watchers.

    Holden said he knows how he wants his pets and home to be looked after when he leaves town. "We have our needs when we want to go on vacation," Holden said. "That's exactly what I offer, the same thing I would want offered by another pet sitter."

  • Regional MapQuest--Lady Eagles take opener

    Need directions? Just ask Staunton River, who holds the road-map to success.

    Route 24 rival William Byrd succumbed to the Lady Eagles? tenacious defense, 53-37, for the fourth time this year. ?It is a great rivalry between these two schools. It is competitive in a good nature,? William Byrd coach Fran Recchia said.

    Staunton River?s victory propelled them to the Region III Quarterfinals vs. Turner Ashby on Tuesday night. ?Our goal was to make it further than we did last year, and we did. The girls are very excited,? Staunton River coach Kim Jones said.

  • Regional split

    Liberty?s Minutemen survived the first round of the playoff winnowing process, as they beat Stuarts Draft 63-57 in front of a moderate-sized home crowd.

    In typical Liberty fashion, the Minutemen ensured none of that crowd departed early, as they allowed the third-seeded (of the Southern Valley District) Cougars to stick around to the very end.

  • Bee's sweep Seminole Tourney

    Rumors that Brookville is seeking to annex Bedford County turned out to be false.

    However, given how the Bees owned Bedford schools in the Seminole District Tournament, one can understand how such a rumor might come to be.

    The Brookville boys and girls topped their Jefferson Forest counterparts in the semifinals. Then the girls stomped Staunton River in the final before the Bees edged the Minutemen for the boys? title.

    On top of that, those final wins came at Jefferson Forest?s new gym.

  • Letters

    Thank you

    The Montvale Rescue Squad would like to send out a HUGE Thank You to these businesses and residents for their efforts in providing food and supplies to the firefighters and EMS staff during the Black Horse/Camp Jaycee fire that took place starting on Feb. 9. The businesses include: Roadside Market-Montvale, Hardees-Troutville, McDonalds-Troutville, Food Lion-Troutville, Wal-Mart-Botetourt, Sams Wholesale-Roanoke.

  • Working to prevent future terrorist attacks

    The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon quickly reshaped the priorities of Congress, the President, and the Department of Justice. We immediately began working on securing our own country by coordinating our national anti-terrorism efforts, increasing information-sharing among our intelligence agencies, and strengthening our defense. We took all the necessary steps to ensure we dealt with our enemies on the foreign battlefield rather than here at home.

  • Not a secret ballot

    On Tuesday, Feb. 12 I intended to avail myself of my right to vote in the Presidential Primary.

    Not being a registered member of any political party I was pleased to learn that any registered voter could participate. I showed up at my assigned polling place and was greeted courteously and asked for some identification. I presented my identification, which was passed along to the inspectors.

  • The decline of conservatism?

    Few people would argue that Democrats hold most of the trump cards for this fall’s presidential and Congressional elections. The sustained and intense unpopularity of George W. Bush and his war in Iraq are the main, but not the only, reasons.

    But might there be something else happening, too? Something even more profound than the electoral fortunes of either party?

  • Walking away is unrealistic

    John McCain isn't a crazy man, as Rick Howell suggested in last week's Liberal Agenda. Unlike the "Democratic" Party's far left, John McCain is a realist.

    We can't simply walk away from what we've gotten ourselves into without consequences. This is something that McCain understands, something that the lefties can't grasp.

    Maybe they can grasp it, but just don't want to. Mr. Howell, for example, has advocated twice this year that we walk away from military commitments in East Asia as well as in Iraq.