Today's News

  • Crunch time for gals

    All three county teams enter this week with a lot on the line: Staunton River aims at unseating Brookville; Forest looks to snag the final home seed from Rustburg; and Liberty wants to avoid finishing in the basement by keeping Amherst there.

    All three squads are on the road. Staunton River faces the Bees for the third time, having lost in the Byrd Invitational and at home in the regular season. While Brittany Campbell has been a thorn in the Eagle side, it has been Joyous Tharrington that has provided the stake in the heart in those two losses. Neutralizing her will be key.

  • Minutemen run with big dogs

    Liberty leveraged its size, agility and quickness in completing a regular season sweep over Staunton River. This time, the visiting Minutemen won 71-48.

    The Minutemen are only a victory over Forest away from taking the informal county crown.

    Golden Eagle senior Mike Lynch put on a fine shooting display, nailing six three-pointers in leading all scorers with 18 points. Liberty's Martrey Stevens nearly matched Lynch as he hit three treys in picking up 17 points.

  • Forest pesters Bees before rollicking home crowd

    The law of averages finally caught up with the lads from Forest.

    Playing Brookville on even terms throughout the first quarters of their matchup, the Cavs developed a collective cold shooting hand in the fourth stanza and fell to the Bees by the score of 48-33.

    "On this night (Brookville) was too much," said Cav Head Coach Paul Smith. "It was a matter of them playing well, not us playing poorly."

  • Legislation will protect employers from government harassment

    Legislation has been introduced in the House of Representatives to ensure that an employer may require employees to speak English in the workplace. I am one of the sponsors of H. R. 4464.

  • Economic crisis needs a deeper debate

    All Republicans needed was yet another election year issue that won’t play out very well for them. They’ll already have to defend the war in Iraq, and many of the other failures and problems brought to us by George W. Bush.

    But now, they’ve got the economy, too. Since they’ve controlled the White House and both houses of Congress for the great majority of the last eight years, they’ll be held accountable if the economy slips into a recession.

  • Bill is important for Virginia business

    This week, Richmond got colder, the General Assembly Building got crowded, and Brunswick Stew had its own official day. It’s just another event-filled week at the 2008 General Assembly session, with an awful lot going on all at once.

  • We must look beyond the economy

    Although recent events have focused the presidential primary debates on the economy, it's important to remember that national security is important too. It's a dangerous world out there and there are some foreign national leaders who will represent a serious challenge for our next president.

  • Underground operations

    Day and night, as Virginians go about their business, streams of information about some of them are being gathered and analyzed in the basement of Virginia State Police headquarters in Richmond. The VSP operates a Fusion Intelligence Center, like similar centers housed in other states, that constantly shares information culled from local, state, federal and international sources. It is staffed by state, local and federal employees.

  • TCRC submits response to plan

    The Tri-County Relicensing Committee (TCRC) has submitted, to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), a response to the AEP Preliminary License Plan (PLP) for relicensing the Smith Mountain Project (P-2210).

  • Letters

    The surge is working

    In the Liberal Agenda Rick Howell states: "Sorry, the surge isn't working."

    Howell said Americans who support the Iraq War are still a definite minority, and Bush went exactly in the opposite direction from what the voters of America told him. As I see it,there were two messages sent at this time, one the war, the other Illegal Immigration. The liberal press had a choice on which one to choose, and they jumped on the war since they controlled the media.