Today's News

  • Bedford man charged with killing infant daughter

    A Bedford County man has been charged with murdering his six-week old infant daughter last Friday.

        Joshua Warner, 27, of Bowman Lane in Bedford was arrested in connection with the death of the child following a call May 21 at 11:21 a.m. to the residence for an unresponsive six-week old infant. Deputies from the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office responded, along with emergency rescue personnel. The child was transported to Bedford Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

  • Verizon challenges property assessment

    Verizon, which believes that its property has been assessed at too high a value, is asking the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) to review that assessment.

        If Verizon’s claims are verified, localities — including Bedford and Bedford County — are likely to lose thousands of dollars in taxes paid by the company.

  • Veterans hand out awards to JROTC cadets

    A group of military veterans recently gathered to say “Good job” to Bedford County’s JROTC cadets. The unit’s cadet commander, Nick Madison introduced the award presenters.

        The first presenter was Nick Soukhanov, commander of Bedford’s American Legion Post.

        “We thank Post 54 and all its members for supporting our program over 15 years,” Madison said.

        “Every year we are very proud of them,” Soukhanov, an Air Force veteran said.

  • The winning ticket

    Joey Detamore thought Brad Creasy, Bedford’s fire chief, was pulling his leg when Creasy called him to let him know that he won the Bedford Volunteer Fire Department’s raffle.

        The fire department is raising money to build a new brush truck and Detamore had purchased two tickets. A total of 1,000 were sold.

        “I just did it because I was donating,” Detamore said. “They’ve always helped me out.”

  • Skate Park moves forward

    The Bedford County Board of Supervisors voted 4-2 Monday to appropriate $306,000 to design a skateboard park to be built at Falling Creek Park. The money is privately donated money that the county has held in an account for this purpose after approving the park last summer.

        District 6 Supervisor Annie Pollard was one of the two supervisors to vote against the appropriation. Pollard had originally voted against the project last summer.

  • Parents who placed children in car trunk sentenced

    Three adults charged with placing their children in the trunk of a car and driving off from the Bedford McDonalds last summer, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of child abuse last week.

  • A standing O

    You’ve got to wonder just what’s going on at the White House and its administration these days, as well as with the Democrats in Congress.

        The administration continues to attack Arizona’s new illegal immigration law without actually reading it, apologizes to world leaders of communist countries for “human rights violations” in this country and then applauds leaders who stand in our own halls of Congress to denounce this great country.

  • Letters

    Against the



        My husband and I have visited the National D-Day Memorial several times and we are still moved by what we see and by what was sacrificed by many young Americans during World War II.

           Installing a bust of Stalin is totally against the mission of the memorial.  We are almost moved to tears when we see the soldiers pulling themselves up the steep cliffs and crawling through the water to defend the United States in that D-Day landing. 

  • Perriello joins effort to restore public faith in our democratic institutions

    When I came to Congress last year, I promised to fight for economic relief for my constituents, but also to change the way business is done in Washington. For far too long, both parties have answered to the special interests instead of to the people. Sometimes it can seem like Congress is not bound by the same rules as everyone else. It’s time to bring Main Street values of decency, openness, and accountability to the halls of Washington.