Today's News

  • McDonnell thesis wakes up governor’s race

        The Virginia governor’s race (yes, folks, there is another campaign this year) was a rather boring affair until someone discovered the Republican candidate’s graduate thesis.

        Democrat Creigh Deeds and the GOP’s Bob McDonnell were limping along at summer’s end, seemingly to very little notice from voters. (Is it just me, or do the two of them even look a little bit alike?).

  • NPS should take in D-Day Memorial

        I have a coffee table book at home that lists, day by day, what was happening in World War II from Hitler’s invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, until Japan’s surrender on Sept. 2, 1945. It also has lots of photos. The book has its shortcomings. I spotted a few misidentified photos and there are a couple of entries that may not be precisely accurate, but these are minor. The chronology plus the photos makes it valuable to me. One photograph shows an Iowa Class battleship firing a full nine-gun broadside.

  • 'Faults' start

    Liberty slipped easily into the dramatic mode one would expect from a trip to Broadway.  After a wrenching first half, the Minutemen regrouped to post all of its points in the second half en route to a 28-20 win.

  • Vikings loot, plunder Forest

    It was painful.

    For the Jeff Forest players on the field, the pain was physical.  

  • Cave Spring floods Staunton River

    Staunton River’s season got off to a resounding thud, as the Eagles were blanked by a super-charged bunch from Cave Spring.

  • Dog has his day

    Scott “Cujo” Sigmon toyed with his opponent for a couple of rounds before sending him to the canvas early in the third round.

  • Pretty petty

      Just because I’m not invited to vote in the AP Writers’ College Football Poll doesn’t give me license to be petty.

  • Bedford County Schools report cases of the H1N1 Flu

        Bedford County Public School officials say that the division has experienced a small number of students  who have contracted the H1N1 Flu, or Swine Flu. 

        Officials say that two children were diagnosed with the virus following the initial week of school, which began Monday, Aug. 24. One student was from Bedford Primary School and the other from Boonsboro Elementary.

  • President addresses students across the nation

        Students across Bedford County joined with students throughout the nation to hear President Barack Obama encourage them to stay in school and use their educational opportunities to become whatever it is they aspire to do in life.

  • TEA Party draws 300 at Westlake

    A crowd that organizers estimated at a little more than 300 filled a lot at Westlake, Friday, for a TEA Party.