Today's News

  • County moves forward with broadband initiative

     Prior to its regular meeting Monday night, the Bedford County Board of Supervisors met as the county’s broadband authority.

        The authority met in closed session. According to County Administrator Kathleen Guzi, the supervisors were briefed on two replies from companies on requests for proposals (RFP) concerning the county’s broadband initiative. This initiative seeks to bring broadband service to areas of the county where it is not currently available.


  • The Golden Age of Radio

        The Bedford Museum has created a radio display with items ranging from a floor model presented to Bedford High School in 1938 to a radio made from a razor blade and a safety pin.

        It’s not in the Museum, however. The display can be viewed at the Bedford Central Library. Doug Cooper, the Museum’s manager, puts up a display in the Library every year.

  • Two county schools earn top honors

    Two Bedford County schools were among the 153 Virginia public schools that earned the 2010 Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence.

        Both Otter River and Forest elementary schools received the honor. The award is the highest honor under the Virginia Index of Performance incentive program created by the Board of Education in 2007.

        “It means a great deal to all of us,” noted Otter River Elementary Principal Georgia Hairston. “We’re very excited about achieving the award, once again.”

  • McDonnell opposes transfer of Soering

    Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell sent a letter to United States Attorney General Eric Holder last week officially revoking the Commonwealth’s consent to the planned transfer of convicted murderer Jens Soering to Germany. The effort by McDonnell delays the transfer, but the final decision apparently remains in the hands of the Justice Department.

  • For 38 years, Rushie Wooldridge has helped keep area students safe

    For 38 years Rushie Wooldridge has been making sure students cross safely at the intersection of Peaks Street and Longwood Avenue. And though 72, she’s not yet about to slow down.

        “My children were all going to school, I just wanted something to do,” she said of originally taking the job as a crossing guard.

  • Barack Obama retirement watch

        Barack Obama has been president for a year, now, and it’s been an interesting year.

        When he first took the oath of office, I was concerned that the “Democrats” would get a bright idea. Hey, we have a guy who is so popular, he could be elected to a third or fourth term, just like Franklin Roosevelt. Lets’ get rid of that pesky ol’ 22nd Amendment that limits presidents to a maximum of two terms.

  • Letters

    In agreement

        Thank you Brenda Babb for your letter concerning the bust of Joseph Stalin being brought to the D-Day Memorial.

        I’m convinced that most of the people in Bedford are in agreement with you. To honor such a man along with those who served this country is unthinkable. By doing so you are bringing dishonor to all the names of our service men written there.

        Think again before you act.

    Ouida Witt



  • Perriello fights to continue funding for police officers and emergency personnel

    Last week, an unspeakable tragedy shook Central Virginia. Christopher Speight is accused of killing eight people near his home in Appomattox County, including three teenagers and his four-year-old nephew. The 24 hours surrounding these horrific events are frightening to say the least, but also a testament to the bravery and skillfulness of our Virginia police force.

  • Helping the people of Haiti

    Since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit on January 12th, the world has

    tearfully witnessed the devastation unfold in Haiti, the poorest country

    in the Western Hemisphere.  The images of newly motherless children,

    people trapped under fallen buildings, and deceased Haitians lying in

    the streets have moved Americans into action.  Across our nation we have

    rallied to help the people of Haiti - gathering together supplies to

    donate to relief efforts, hosting fundraisers to send money, and coming

  • Getting down to business

    As the second week of the legislative session began, our newly inaugurated Governor, Bob McDonnell, quickly got down to business. In an address to a joint session of the General Assembly on Martin Luther King Day, he laid out his priorities.  As stated during his campaign, he made clear that job creation and economic growth would be the chief focus of his new administration for the year ahead.