Today's News

  • Urging caution on sweeping climate change proposals

    Currently, government officials from around the globe, including President Obama and top U.S. officials, are gathering in Copenhagen, Denmark for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  These officials are hoping to create a new treaty containing stringent and enforceable requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  While specifics of the treaty are still being worked out, there is reason to believe that the treaty will call for dramatic emission reductions that will cause serious economic harm to our already fragile economy. 

  • Judging Obama’s first year

    With 2009 nearly behind us it’s appropriate to critically assess the first year of Barack Obama’s historic presidency.

        It didn’t take long for the promise of his inauguration to give way to the reality of the crushing problems we all knew he’d face. The financial bailouts - controversial and expensive - had actually begun under the previous administration because, once again, it became necessary to save capitalism from itself.

  • Obama made the right decision

        President Barack Obama made the right decision when he opted to send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

        It wasn’t perfect. I’m concerned that he’s sending in fewer troops than General Stanley McChrystal, the commander on the ground, asked for. General McChrystal is the general that the Obama administration chose to implement a new military strategy. Second guessing your commander on the scene is risky.

  • Vikings pillage and plunder

      Here’s an old joke:

    Q:  Where does an 800 pound bear sit?

  • Minutemen's unexpected ride ends

    Liberty was beaten in the Regional finals on its home gridiron.

  • Jingle Bell Saturday

    Whether you want to run, walk or watch, the Bedford Loop will be the place to be this Saturday (Dec. 5) morning.

  • Lady hoopsters get things going

    The sound of leather on hardwood is reverberating in the gyms around our county.

  • Determination--Sport's commentary

       This Saturday, you’ll get the chance to check out another Peaks of Otter Christmas Classic 5K run.

  • French ambassador awards Legion of Honor to local veteran

    France’s ambassador to the United States made a special trip to Bedford, Tuesday, to honor a hero.

        Bill Overstreet was named Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur in a decree signed by Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s president, and His Excellency Pierre Vimont came to personally pin the medal on Overstreet at the National D-Day Memorial. The Légion d’honneur, established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 and first awarded in 1804, is France’s highest decoration.

  • Holiday Market

    The Wharton Cottage, located on North Bridge Street next to the Bower Center, is currently housing a collection of artists selling their work. Their creations range from jewelry to cheese boards made from former wine bottles.