Today's News

  • Sports commentary: Disjointed

     Our high school sports run in parallel universes.

    And, by definition, items that run in parallel neither cross nor touch.

  • Defense carries River to win over Byrd

    These guys can play some defense, too.

    Staunton River showed that it is much more than an offensive circus in posting a 28-8 win over visiting William Byrd.

  • Eagles earn shot at Blue Ridge football title

    You want to talk change?

    Two years ago, Staunton River played its final game of the season against Rustburg.

  • We will need to outcompete China and India

    When the 5th district sent me to Washington, I knew my number one responsibility was job creation and economic development. So I went to those who work every day on the ground to create jobs: the elected leaders and economic developers in every locality across the Fifth District. What I heard was that there are no quick fixes to our economic challenges. Quick fixes don’t produce the sustained job growth we need.


  • Now is the time for real leadership

    Today, the American people are facing one of the most challenging times in our nation’s history.  Our economy remains sluggish, people fear losing their jobs and their homes, and many are worried about the future their children and grandchildren will inherit. They are deeply concerned about the outlook for our great country and wonder if their children will grow up in the same America they did.  People are looking for real solutions to the problems we face. 

  • Town meeting

    I will be at the Moneta Library from 10 to 11:30 a.m. on Saturday November 13 for my quarterly town meeting.  The elections will be over so we can meet and talk about something else for a change.

  • Making government more transparent and accountable

    By U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va)

    I wanted to let you know about the recent progress of legislation I have introduced that will make government work better and save taxpayer money.  

  • A tip on the next focus: 2012

        Now that mid-term elections are over (results not available before my deadline), it’s clear what will be the next obsession of politicians and their observers as the tiny remains of this year soon become 2011.

        Next up: the race for president in 2012. For those who will seek the office, 2011 will be the year to get their campaigns off the ground.

  • More fun than a barrel of rattlesnakes

  • Hope and change

    There will be a new look to Congress next year following the results of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

        Though the specifics of those results weren’t complete by the time we went to press, all indications were pointing to the Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives and making huge gains in the Senate. If President Obama hopes to accomplish anything over the next two years he will now have to work with his Republican counterparts in those two elected bodies.