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  • Shorthanded Cavs fall to Amherst


    The old wisdom is that you don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

    Heck, Jefferson Forest barely brought a knife to its rumble with Amherst.

    It was a toxic stew at Lancer Stadium.  The Cavs went up against a team that has fairly well owned them over the past decade.

    Additionally, the Lancers are a young but highly talented bunch which is starting to put things together.

    Finally, the Cavs were without the services of some of their key players.  

    It all added up to a 49-28 loss.

  • District relief


    It's one of those scheduling oddities.

    In the midst of the Seminole slate, both Liberty and Jefferson Forest have non-district games this weekend. The Cavs get Turner Ashby, while Liberty faces Buckingham County.

    The good news is that both of them will be playing at home.

    The bad news is that both are "must win" affairs as a loss is likely to kill any chance of a top-eight regional finish and the home-opening game that comes with it.

  • Sports commentary: The singularity


    As my old friend Barry White used to croon, "Too much of anything isn't good for you, baby."

    OK.  Barry White and I were not friends.  The late, great baritone, in fact, had no idea of my existence.

    But the line from Barry White's classic, "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," rings true enough.

    At least it does when it comes to sports.

  • River rolls over Fleming, 37-27



    It was rec league football and cheerleading night when Staunton River hosted William Fleming last Friday.  It was also middle school band night.

    With all of those aspiring Eagles on hand, it was up to the guys on the field to give the younger set something to which to aspire.

    They came through in a big way.

    The list of those wanting to be a part of Staunton River Friday nights in the future got a bit longer, as the big guys tended to William Fleming.

  • The President’s healthcare law is not ready for primetime

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    As of late, the conversations I have with my constituents have a consistently clear message: The President’s healthcare law is hurting families and small businesses.  President Obama’s healthcare overhaul is unworkable and it is having a devastating effect on our fragile economy.  That is why I believe we must take responsible action to delay the implementation of the President’s healthcare law.


  • Coming to the negotiating table
  • Shame on ‘tea party’ obstructionists

    If the current government shutdown doesn’t illustrate the harm that’s going to be done by the rabid strain of “tea party” conservatism in the national GOP, then some people are just choosing not to understand.
        To hold hostage the very operations of the government itself in order to insanely pursue a strategy that simply cannot work; well, it’s a choice of madmen. It’s Hitler in the bunker stuff...

  • How low can we go?

        You’ve probably noticed, by now, that we have state elections on Nov. 5. The flurry of negative TV ads that have been saturating the airwaves and the robo calls you’ve been getting on your phone probably gave you a clue.

  • BCSO armored vehicle involved in accident

        On Friday October 4, a Bedford County Sheriff’s deputy was delivering the Sheriff’s Armored Vehicle to the Sweetwater Camp Ground for a display at its Fall Festival on Saturday.

  • D-Day Memorial open

        The National D-Day Memorial is open and operating as normal in spite of the government shut-down.