Today's News

  • Honoring those who have served and sacrificed

    It is truly an honor to pay tribute to our nation’s veterans. America was founded on the principles of liberty, opportunity and justice for all, and on Veterans Day we recognize the men and women of our armed forces who have valiantly defended these values throughout our nation’s history. We ensure that their willingness to answer the call of their country on foreign battlefields will not quickly be forgotten.

    Veterans Day, formerly Armistice Day, began as a day of remembrance for those who died during the First World War.

  • Taking care of those who have taken care of us

    Each year, Veterans Day offers us a day of reflection and recognition of the sacrifices our nation’s veterans have made for our country. With one of the largest populations of veterans and active duty service members, Virginia plays a vital role in our nation’s defense. It is only proper that we honor their service and sacrifice with the necessary benefits that they have earned and deserve.

  • Emerson Creek Pottery offers customers a chance to own a piece of their American heritage

    At one time, the Bedford County property that now is home to Emerson Creek Pottery was a 500-acre land grant from the King of England.

    Now that property serves as the creation and distribution spot for Emerson Creek's growing nationally recognized pottery business.

    Since 1977 Emerson Creek Pottery has been offering to its customers the American heritage of handmade, hand painted pottery. The business was recently recognized by the U.S. Local Business Association for its work.

  • Parade returns to morning time slot

    After being announced as an evening Christmas parade for this year, Bedford's parade on Dec. 6 will, as usual, take place in the morning.

    The parade has begun for a number of years at 11 a.m., but Bedford Main Street decided last summer to change the parade's time to 7 p.m. Main Street handles the parade and other downtown Christmas festivities.

  • School salutes its own veterans

    For the second year, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School's students invited area veterans to a Veterans Day program at the school. The event, which drew a large turnout, featured music by a student choir and treats provided by the school's PTA.

    According to Mac Duis, the principal, Kevin Smith, one of the school's two music teachers, spearheaded the project.

    “We started the program last year,” said Smith.

  • Perriello claims victory, lead at 745 votes

    Democratic challenger Tom Perriello's lead in he 5th District Congressional race stood at 745 votes one week after the election, as the vote counts continued to be updated following last Tuesday's election. Perriello was claiming victory while incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode was expressing concerns about the accuracy of the vote totals.

    After holding onto the slimmest of leads for most of the day last Wednesday, Goode fell behind Perriello late that afternoon and the margin continued to grow for the Democrat.

  • The homefront

    Approximately 800 people turned out for the National D-Day Memorial's Veteran's Day salute Tuesday.

    The centerpiece of Tuesday's ceremony was a plaque, donated by the Veterans Committee of UAW Local 2069 of Dublin, Va. The plaque, featuring “Rosie the Riveter,” honors the effort of the American workers who made the weapons, equipment and ammunition that American soldiers needed to win.

  • Providing Virginia with the tools to access its energy supplies

    Every day folks across Virginia and the nation are confronted with the rising cost of energy, from the price at the pump to soaring electric bills. While the Majority in Congress has succeeded in strangling any efforts to tap into traditional energy resources in America, our nation’s citizens have suffered. They have suffered with skyrocketing gas and food prices, and they have suffered from the fear that we are increasingly dependent on foreign and sometimes hostile nations for our oil supply and they want something done about it.

  • Veterans Day honors patriotism, sacrifice

    On November 11, 2008, our country will once again honor America’s service members by commemorating Veterans Day.

  • Long campaign comes to an end

    Deadlines for columns being what they are, it wasn’t possible to comment this week on the results of the presidential election. The verdict wasn’t known before your favorite liberal needed to submit his, uhee.“latest screed.”

    I’ll be glad to weigh in on that next week. I hope, though, that however things came out, we can learn some lessons from this incredibly long marathon that we call a presidential election.