Today's News

  • Keeping their promises

        My compliments to House Republicans. They kept their campaign promise to pass a bill repealing ObamaCare. A few Democrats even joined them.

  • Null and void

    It was really no surprise.

        For the second time in two months, a federal judge has ruled that Congress overstepped the bounds of the Constitution by requiring Americans to purchase health care insurance. The result of the most recent ruling: all of the law “must be declared void.”
        The one question that remains is whether Congress and the Obama Administration will now see the error of their ways and scrap the plan in order to start over — and get it right.

  • Outpatient surgery wins patient satisfaction award

        Bedford Memorial Hospital’s surgery department ranked in the top 2 percent of hospitals for patient satisfaction in a national survey in December.

  • When man was beaten and eventually died, his dogs needed a new home

        When 77-year-old William Herchenrider was attacked at his Goode home last May, his six dogs were left without someone to care for them. When he died a couple of months later, those dogs needed new homes.

        Initially four of Herchenrider’s pets were taken to Bedford Animal Hospital to be boarded. Eventually that expense became overwhelming for the family to handle.
         Ultimately an employee at the animal hospital, Michelle Wilkerson-Bowyer, took the dogs home.

  • Farmers: EPA rules to help Chesapeake Bay could cause problems

    Local farmers are concerned about EPA rules intended to help Chesapeake Bay.

  • County may not increase school funding

    With Bedford County Public Schools looking at as much as a $5.8 million decrease in state and federal funding next year, school officials have been stating they plan to ask the Bedford County Board of Supervisors for additional funds to help make up the difference.

        “We’re going to need our county to step up with local funding,” Dr. Douglas Schuch, Bedford County’s superintendent of schools, said during a school board meeting last month.

  • Major changes considered by school board

    It’s all on the table.

        That’s the comment Bedford County School Board chairwoman Debbie Hoback said of the potential actions the board might have to take to make up for as much as $5.8 million in lost school funding and additional spending mandates from the state and federal government next year.

  • Restoring a historical landmark

        When Bedford Lutheran Church bought property on Burks Hill Road to build a church, members saw themselves as buying land that happened to have a house on it, according to the Rev. Stephen Schulz, the church’s pastor.

        After learning more about the badly dilapidated old house, they had a major change of opinion. They discovered not only that the house was structurally solid, but that they had a historic home.

  • Supervisors express priorities

    People will be able to hear their supervisors better at work sessions.

  • Church News (week of Jan., 26, 2011)


    Empowering relationships seminar
        Eastlake Community Church in Moneta is sponsoring the Family Foundations video seminar titled Empowering Relationships on February 18-19.  This seminar focuses on improving one's relationship with family, friends, coworkers and others.  Anyone who has suffered a broken marriage, an unsuccessful career or a general lack of happiness will find comfort and healing in this seminar.  Enrollment is limited.  Call Dr. Gary Jones at 297-2273 for registration information.