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  • What you should know about skin lesions

    By Eugene W. Lowe Jr., M.D.

    Bedford Surgery

     Spending a good amount of time in the sun can cause many skin problems, including skin lesions, permanent sun spots, wrinkles, blotchiness and one of the most dangerous side effects, skin cancer. Skin cancer affects more than those with fair skin. A blistering sunburn as a child can double the risk of developing skin cancer sometime later in life.
        Skin cancer risk factors (National Cancer Institute):
    Skin that easily burns or freckles

  • House budget includes adjustments to VRS

        The temperatures outside have begun to rise, and this week in Richmond the General Assembly passed the legislative halfway point of session: Crossover.  In addition, the House and Senate released their plans to amend Virginia’s two-year budget.  It was an event-filled week, one including sad news that led to a rare occurrence in the Capitol.

  • Budget process begins

    By Chuck Neudorfer
    District 2 Supervisor

        I am having my quarterly Town Meeting from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Moneta Library on Saturday, February 19.  Please stop any time during that time and we can talk about any topic you chose.

  • Egypt’s revolution: Old lessons learned anew

        In Warren Beatty’s 1981 film, “Reds,” journalist and activist Jack Reed is discussing the pros and cons of Eugene Debs’ 1912 presidential campaign with renowned anarchist Emma Goldman and a few others.

        “Don’t you think,” someone asks Goldman, “that if Debs gets a lot of votes, it will strengthen the anti-war coalition?”

  • An opportunity to look good

        So far it seems that President Barack Obama has had some success in his effort to climb out of the hole that he dug for himself during the first half of his presidency.

  • Too much

    The national debt just continues to grow — and significant cuts apparently won’t be on the way anytime soon.

        President Obama’s budget, released this week, projects more record federal deficits for the current fiscal year and an overall debt greater than the size of of the total U.S. economy.
        It’s not a pretty picture.

  • Pilot program seeks to help providers

    By Peter Sawyer

    Intern Writer

        Sherry Gammon considers the children she takes care of at her home family.
        She and her husband Wayne began offering home-based child care in 1978.  They currently run Sherry’s Kids out of their home in the New London area.
        “We’ve lived off of it for the past 20 years.  This is my lifeline,” Sherry Gammon said. “It’s a God-called business.  I love it.”

  • Pistol safety courses keep Hylton busy

        Popular demand for pistol safety courses will keep Danny Hylton busy even after he retires from the Bedford County Public Service Authority (PSA) on April 1.

        Hylton has been involved with firearms since he was 9, when he started squirrel hunting with his father, using a 410 gauge shotgun. He’s been an NRA instructor for more than a decade and holds certifications in a wide variety of areas including hunting safety and pistol safety. He also holds the certification necessary to certify other instructors.

  • Organization provides counseling services for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it

    By Peter Sawyer

    Intern writer

        For more than 10 years, Couples and Kids has provided counseling services for the underinsured in the Central Virginia area.
        “We started out with one patient, and now we have served over 3,000,” Couples and Kids Executive Director Norma White said.

  • Man robs Apple Market in Bedford at gunpoint

     a black male who robbed the Apple Market convenience store at 407 N. Bridge St. in Bedford Wednesday night.

        The robbery occurred around 9 p.m., according to Bedford Police Chief Jim Day. He described the suspect as a black male, about 6 feet tall with a medium build. He was wearing dark clothing, gloves and a stocking cap that covered his face. Day said eye holes had been cut out of the stocking cap.