Today's News

  • Black History Month

    The Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library has honored those that have made history in the past. This year the Museum is honoring those that are making history today.

        Bedford is proud of  Charles Nelms, Sergeant of the Bedford Police Dept. Nelms was born in Body Camp and attended Body Camp Elementary School. After graduating from Staunton River High School he served three years in the Marines achieving the rank of Corporal. Charles is serving his 23rdrd year in the Bedford Police Dept.

  • Legislation aimed at speeding recovery

    Are there 1,840 things wrong with Virginia?  That’s how many bills legislators filed for this year’s General Assembly session.  Every one of those bills proposes some change to the Code of Virginia, the laws that govern our commonwealth.  Every bill, however, will not become law.

  • Will the GOP cooperate or obstruct?

        The refusal of the Republican Party in the House to support President Obama’s economic stimulus bill raised a basic question about the GOP as the new president attempts to carry out the mandate he was given.

        Will Republicans work with the president or will they continue to rely upon the failed policies - and the wrong-headed notions behind those policies - that got them beaten so badly in November?

  • Stimulating the national debt

        I’m not sure exactly what the “Democrat’” stimulus plan will stimulate beyond the national debt. It threatens to open a deficit chasm that will make the Bush deficits look like ruts in an unpaved country road by comparison. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner ought to think twice about antagonizing China with accusations of currency manipulation as we are going to need them to buy up all this debt the Treasury will be issuing. But, maybe Geithner didn’t really mean that and just made an honest mistake.

  • Lady Eagles in driver's seat at midpoint

    Talk about a turn-around.

  • Watts up, doc? Liberty swimmers, that's what
  • Cavaliers pound Eagles

    Jefferson Forest stayed in the thick of the Seminole race as it took care of Staunton River by a score of 62-48.

  • Tat's all, folks!

      Watching basketball the other day, I was taken aback by the preponderance of tattoos on the athletes.

  • Balancing the budget

    Bedford County School employees were being asked this week if they would be willing to take a pay cut, as opposed to having layoffs, to help the school system deal with a $4.9 million shortfall in next year's budget.

        The results of that survey will be used to help the school board make decisions about the 2009-2010 budget.

        The board met in a work session last week to discuss the budget and will meet again tomorrow. A proposed budget by School Superintendent Dr. James Blevins suggested cutting 80 positions next year.

  • Policy for school layoffs adopted

    With thoughts in mind of having to cut as many as 80 school positions, the county’s school board adopted a reduction in force (RIF) policy Thursday night. The plan was adopted unanimously.

        According to Dr. James Blevins, superintendent of schools, no positions have yet been identified for elimination. Once that has been decided, the RIF would provide the guidelines for determining what employees would be affected.