Today's News

  • Wildland Fire Crew reorganizes

        A meeting to recruit and reorganize the Bedford Wildland Fire Crew will be held Thursday, Sept. 3, at the Bedford Fire Department.

        The Virginia Department of Forestry and Bedford County Fire & Rescue are in the process of reorganizing the crew.  Bedford’s crew was originally the first in the state but has since lacked organization and is in need of being revamped, according to Justin Dillon, Bedford County Forest Warden. 

  • County seeks use for old nursing home

        Bedford County is exploring the possibility of turning the old county nursing home building into an assisted living facility.

        The old building, built in the 1950s, served as the county’s nursing home until a new, much larger facility replaced it a few years ago. Little more than a parking lot separates the new building from the old.

  • Warner, NPS assessment team land at Memorial

        U.S. Sen. Mark Warner heard a bit of the story of Lawrence Patterson on Tuesday.

        Patterson, a World War II Army veteran who landed at Normandy 16 days after D-Day, was taking a tour of the National D-Day Memorial Tuesday when he crossed paths with Warner in the area of the statue of Gen. Dwight Eisenhower. As Warner listened to Patterson’s account there at the English-style folly, he told the veteran, who now lives in New Jersey, of the importance of preserving the story of those who served there.

  • 'Tis the season

    The football season officially opened this past Monday, as all three high schools kicked off double sessions, in conjunction with Virginia High School League guidelines.

  • Camps encourage gridiron dreams

    While VHSL by-laws prohibited the high schoolers from practicing in late July, there was nothing to prohibit them from sharing their knowledge with the younger set.

  • Seven Bedford County schools fail to make AYP

    Seven Bedford County schools failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress results this year, according to the 2009-10 preliminary results released Thursday from the Virginia Department of Education. 

  • Alternative energy

    Roger Henderson wants to build a windmill.

        Unlike the fictional Spanish gentleman, Henderson isn’t planning a jousting match. He has a totally pragmatic plan of taking advantage of the wind that blows across his property near Sedalia to generate electricity.

  • Focus on sustainability

    Region 2000 chose Bedford’s Bower Center as the site for its Sustainable Communities Workshop earlier this month.

        What is sustainability?

        Bart Warner, Bedford’s assistant city manager, said that this is a community’s ability to meet its citizen’s needs from generation to generation. Robert White, deputy director of Region 2000, said that it’s important for a community to make sure it doesn’t paint itself into a corner while making current decisions.

  • Musical guest

    Johnathan Dillon, lead singer for the bluegrass band Johnathan Dillon and Phantom Grass, paid a visit to the Good Neighbors day camp being held at Trinity Ecumenical Parish recently.

        Good Neighbors is an ecumenical program that brings seven Lake area churches and Lake Christian Ministries together to help elementary school children of the portions of Bedford and Franklin counties that border the lake. One of its efforts are two four-week day camps for children from first grade through fourth. Each accommodates 50 children.

  • Summer learning

    Some students from Bedford Primary School spent two weeks this summer stepping back in time as they watched — and even participated —  as history came alive in their class.

        The students were part of the Enrichment Summer School Program funded through a 21st Century Grant at the school. Five different classes were offered at the school in the program, including three in social studies and two in science.