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  • County officials upbeat on local economic development

    Although the news media has been full of bad-news stories on the economy, Bedford County officials are upbeat on local economic development.

    Sue Montgomery, the county's director of economic development pointed to The Matrixx Group, which built on a 20-acre site at Bedford Center for Business, located off Independence Aveune, in Bedford,

    “They are very happy with their location,” commented Montgomery.

    She said that Matrixx expects to expand, eventually tripling the plants current size. The company makes plastic from raw materials.

  • Crash claims county teen

    A county teen was killed in a head-on crash, Monday morning, while driving to school.

    According state police, Tiffany Skylar LaPrade, 16, was driving east on Va. 24 when her 2001 Toyota Camry crossed the center line and hit a 2003 Dodge truck driven by Rodney Whorley, of Huddleston. LaPrade's car then hit an east-bound Honda Accord driven by Crystal Mayhew, of Vinton.

    LaPrade, who died at the scene, was wearing her seat belt and was alone in the car.

  • Cavs squeak by Rusties

    Jefferson Forest roared out to a commanding lead, watched Rustburg exploit a couple of opportunities, then relied on the vaunted Cav defense to close out the Red Devils.

    The 20-14 win had everyone on the Forest side breathing a sigh of relief.

    “A win’s a win,” said Cav Head Coach Don Rice immediately following the tilt. “I told the seniors not to make this their last home game.”

    A loss would have virtually assured that the Cavs would finish in the lower tier of playoff teams (if at all) in Division 4.

  • Commentary: Short rants

    By now, you’ve heard all the whining about how this World Series is the Clash of the Midgets. Or how it is a World Series between JV teams.

    Yes, both teams have known futility

    The Phillies were the first team in the majors to suffer 10,000 defeats.

    Tampa Bay has never had a winning season until this year.

    So, I agree, historically, both teams are bad.

    But, we’re not talking history here. We’re talking today.

    Once the Cubs (sob) and the Angels were knocked out, there was no clearly better team left in the running.

  • Staunton River looks to Amherst after falling to Bees

    The U.S. consumer has recently been hit by the double whammy of high gas prices and shrinking home values.

    General Motors has recently been nailed by drooping sales and a nose-diving stock price.

    And the Staunton River football Eagles face the double-whammy of Brookville and Amherst.

    The Bees, the top team in Region III, Division 3, handled the Eagles easily this past Friday, 35-7.

    The Lancers, the top team in Region III, Division 4, will host the Eagles this Friday on their turf.

  • Cavs go up against Bassett

    The question that is top-of-mind for all Jeff Forest fans: Which Bassett team will show up when the Bengals entertain the Cavs this Friday evening?

    In fairness, the Bassett fans are probably asking the same thing about Forest.

    With a ton riding on this game, the presumption is that both teams will show up at their best.

    For the Cavs, the stakes are enormous. At this late date in the season, the Division 4 playoff picture is unclear other than Amherst being a lock for the top seed.

  • Liberty heads to Rustburg

    The Minutemen have a chance to get healthy this Friday night. Their game against Rustburg, however, might not be as cathartic as was anticipated when the schedules were first set.

    The Red Devils have been playing inspired football since their shaky start.

    As a consequence, they find themselves well in the hunt for an invitation to the Division 3 playoffs.

    While the Minutemen have prevailed in seven of the previous eight meetings between the teams, the last couple of years have provided nailbiters.

  • Panicky conservatives petulant, angry

    Our conservative friends areetting cranky, aren’t they? In fact, some of them appear to be having the political equivalent of a nervous breakdown as they see Barack Obama moving steadily toward victory on Nov. 4.

    The election is not won yet by either candidate. But it’s quite obvious that Obama is ahead and that John McCain is struggling. For many conservative ideologues, this is something they apparently can’t accept. They have engaged in angry outbursts at McCain rallies.

  • Now it's time to enjoy the finished product

    Yesterday, the dedication ceremony for the Jefferson Forest High School renovation project was scheduled to be held — some 10 years after discussion about such a project began.

    This hasn’t been an easy process. But after all of the years, the contentious meetings and the numerous disagreements about what should be done, the county has a project it can be proud of and the JFHS community has a facility that should meet its needs for years to come.

    Here are a few facts to consider about the JF project:

  • A blind squirrel finds a nut

    Rick Howell has written a few things in The Liberal Agenda that have amazed me.

    It always amazes me when he’s right about something. But, to borrow a phrase from a colleague here at the Bulletin, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

    His most impressive point was when he admitted that Congressmen Virgil Goode and Bob Goodlatte will win their respective elections. He was also correct on the reasons why.