Today's News

  • He’s made it a terrible year

        2017 is ending much the same way it began: Many millions of Americans are sincerely frightened about our country and the world as long as He Who Shall Not Be Named remains in the Oval Office.
        Surely, very few people will pretend they don’t see what is so painfully obvious. Since January, his behavior, his attitudes, his demeanor, his arrogance, and his astounding ignorance, have all been on display and everyone can see them for what they are.

  • Liberals can’t be trusted with our rights

        I always urge people  to read Rick Howell’s “Liberal Agenda.” Mr. Howell does a great job of articulating what liberal “Democrats” believe. I always suggest that they read it and then think about whether they really want to vote for any candidate he likes.
        Last week, Mr. Howell gave us another example of why I believe our Constitutional rights are not safe in the hands of “Democrats.” In this case, the Constitutional right is religious freedom, guaranteed in the First Amendment.

  • Thaxton Elementary sold

        On Monday, the Bedford County Board of Supervisors approved the sale of Thaxton Elementary School, and most of the land it is on, to Monumental Iron Works, a Lynchburg metal fabricating business, for $150,000.

  • One Heck of a Ride

    by: Denton Day
    Sports Editor

    Thankful. That was one of the first words that came to the mind of Golden Eagles superstar Grayson Overstreet when looking back at this season.

    A historic season for Staunton River in which the team tied a school record for wins with 13 before falling just short of their ultimate goal of winning a state championship.

  • Liberty comes up short against LCA

    By: Denton Day
    Sports Editor

    The Liberty Minutemen boy’s basketball team hit the road, in search of their first win, and paid a visit to the Liberty Christian Academy Bulldogs.

    Liberty Christian is one of the top teams in the Seminole District and the Minutemen gave them all they could handle but it was not enough. The Bulldogs defeated the Minutemen 47-39.

  • Would You Rather? Sports Edition

    I’m a big fan of games. Which is good considering games are a rather large portion of sports and I cover sports for a living.

    But not all games are directly related to sports. Some games are purely fun, some games are slightly dangerous and some are both.

    Today we’re going to play a game that is both. This game can be abbreviated into a three letter acronym that really gets people’s brains going. Don’t worry its not that three letter acronym, this game is called “Would you rather.”

  • Suspect in Walmart robbery charged

    A suspect has been charged in the Nov. 26 robbery at Bedford Walmart.

    On Friday, December 8, investigators from the Bedford Police Department obtained warrants on Sherman Romel Jones, 37, of Roanoke, charging him with two counts robbery.

    The investigation is ongoing and more charges are possible, authorities state.


    Other jurisdictions

    It appears Jones has been tied to other robberies.

  • Christmas Capitol of America

    By Nicole Johnson
    Director of Tourism

        Many of us in Bedford have a long-standing tradition of driving through the Elks Home each December to view the light display.  I remember my parents taking me several times each December.  Christmas just wasn’t complete without seeing the Elks Home, and of course we had to roll the windows down so we could hear the music.  I have continued this tradition with my son, and hope that he will do the same with his children one day. 

  • Sexual harassers put on notice!

        The recent parade of sexual harassment charges against powerful men in entertainment, media and politics surely represents a sea change in the way women will respond in the future to such assaults.
        Hopefully, it will also finally put piggish men on notice that, in this modern era, what your daddy and granddaddy thought they could get away with won’t work anymore. That can only be progress.

  • Good proposals

        From looking at the written proposals the town received on its request for proposals on what to do with Bedford Middle School (BMS), I’d say the town got three good ideas.