Today's News

  • Floors and More moves to new location

        Floors and More moved to its new home on Burks Hill Road on Jan. 1 and has a grand reopening set for this Friday and Saturday.

        It was a big move for two reasons.
        “We were able to purchase the property,” said Bob Sloper.
        This is the first time in the six-and-a-half years they’ve operated the business in Bedford that they have actually owned the building where their business is located.

  • Horses and hounds

        The annual Horse and Hound Wine Festival took place on a hot, humid day, but at least the dogs got to stay cool in the pond. The festival is always held on the second Saturday of July, which fell on July 8 this year. The event drew 3,000 people, with no official count on the number of dogs although there were plenty of the furry, friendly creatures accompanying their favorite humans.

  • Developer: Hotel is needed tool

        James Oliver, the developer who is going to build a business class hotel in the Harmony development just west of Bedford, expects construction to begin in the late spring of 2018.

        Oliver’s company, Dogwood Development Company, has agreed to purchase the property in conjunction with Bedford’s economic development authority.
        “We still have some hoops to jump through,” Oliver said.

  • Summer Sessions: Our Process

    While other basketball programs may just be getting started with their summer workouts, Staunton River’s team has been hard at work since March.

    Coming off a tough season that saw the Eagles only log in three wins, Head Coach Brandon Harris and his squad are dialing in on making the necessary improvements over the offseason.

  • Overstreet chases multiple State career records

    Grayson Overstreet is closing in on not one, not two, but three State records.

    The rising senior from Staunton River is only 1,428 rushing yards, 18 touchdowns and 68 points away from claiming three State career records as his own.

    All three records are certainly in reach for 6’2”, 220 lbs fullback/linebacker. Especially considering in just his junior season he rushed 2,958 yards, snagged 49 touchdowns and collected 385 points.

  • Money puzzles and lawmakers: make ‘em take the pledge!

        It’s a little mystery that Bedford-area voters have almost figured out, but not quite. Why are the realtors, the health industry, the beer wholesalers and bankers, coal operators and electric utilities shoving all that cash into the Virginia legislature?
        “Puzzles plus money produce the view that the money explains the puzzles,” legal scholar Lawrence Lessig has written. “In a line: We don’t trust our government.”

  • Even Republicans are saying: Stop tweeting!

        I’ll make a confession here at the start, which may surprise you. I truly get tired of writing about Donald Trump. But nearly every day, there’s another outrage or stupid excess that can’t be ignored.
        Often, with this weirdo, it’s his Twitter account, which no one can apparently take away from him. Last week, he disgraced himself again in his long-running feud with the co-hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

  • The wreck of the William Fitzgerald

        Last month the USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62,) collided with a container ship southwest of Yokosuka, Japan. Yokosuka is the Fitzgerald’s home port. The collision ripped a 12 foot by 12 foot hole in her underwater hull, flooding a berthing compartment. News stories I’ve read say no collision warning alarm was sounded. The men had only a minute to escape. Seven of the men in that compartment died.

  • Boys With a Dream make PSA

        Boys With a Dream are making a public service announcement (PSA) on drug avoidance.

        Bob Carson, one of the group’s mentors, said the serious problem with opioids prompted the effort. According to Carson, the group came up with the idea of doing the PSA.

  • Liberty Landscape expands, beautifies

        Bryan Schley, owner of Liberty Landscape, has made a major expansion of the business. In the process, he has made a major improvement to what had previously been one of the ugliest corners of town.

        “We’ve invested more than $280,000,” Schley said, adding that the business has created eight full-time jobs.