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  • Let it go

        Some just aren’t willing to let it go.
        Though Donald Trump easily won the needed votes to cruise to an Electoral College victory for president, many of the liberal elite and those within the national media are now pushing for recounts and even an overturn of the Electoral College system.
        Anything to keep the pot stirred up and try to delegitimize Trump’s victory.
        It’s quite a turn of events.

  • Boys Basketball Previews

    Forest has a young boys basketball team


  • 37th Annual Peaks of Otter Christmas Classic

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        The 37th Annual Peaks of Otter Christmas Classic 5K walk/run will be held this Saturday in Bedford. The 5K will have the youth one mile run and the corporate team event.
        The 5K supports the YMCA’s financial aid campaign. The campaign helps families that would be unable to join the YMCA due to having a low income.
        The campaign gives over $75,000 each year in financial aid.

  • Always on the run

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        When staring at the Staunton River offensive line, behind the line you’ll find Kalip Jones standing next to Grayson Overstreet. The two guys are the Staunton River football’s team ticket to gaining quick rushing yards. If Overstreet doesn’t have the ball Jones most likely does.

  • River to host 3A East Hopewell

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        After last Friday’s win over 3A West top seed Rustburg, Staunton River will host 3A East top seed Hopewell.

  • River makes history as 3A West Co-Champions

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        Staunton River made school history yet again during last Friday’s game at Rustburg, securing a 55-22 victory over Rustburg and taking home the 3A West Co-Championship trophy.

  • Nathalie man facing child porn charges

        On November 10, investigators from Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, along with investigators from Halifax County Sheriff’s Office, served warrants on Leslie Gerber of Nathalie, related to charges involving the sexual exploitation of a minor. 

        Additionally, a search warrant for additional evidence related to the arrest warrants, was also executed.

  • JF senior receives All-American honor

    By Brandi Mitchell

    JF Intern Writer

        On Tuesday at 1:45 p.m., senior Allyson Gilmour became the seventh Jefferson Forest High School student to join the elite United States Army All-American Marching Band in just six years.
        She was honored for her outstanding achievement in color guard, as well as her qualities of leadership and integrity, before her classmates, teachers, fellow band members and her closest friends and family.

  • From the Ashes

    By Russell C. Baskett

    Cofounder, President & Executive Director
    SML Good Neighbors, Inc.

        A little after 5a.m. on Thursday, November 10 a tractor-trailer ran off the road near Morgans Church Road in Bedford County and crashed into the headquarters of SML Good Neighbors.

  • The slugs come out at night

        As The White Man’s Last Stand takes shape in Washington, it’s possible to feel that you’re watching a concrete wall when the sun goes down, observing the slimy creatures that crawl out upon it.
        Yes, the slugs come out at night. Those who will serve the incoming Slug-in-Chief don’t have to meet even minimum standards of decency or qualifications, because, well, he didn’t either.