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  • Always a Cavalier


    Once a Cavalier, always a Cavalier.

    Such is the case for Ryan Gilleland, who was recently named as the new head coach of the Jefferson Forest baseball program.

    In a move that shocked absolutely nobody, Gilleland was chosen to take over the mantle vacated by Jim Thacker, who resigned after 28 years as skipper.

    Sure we all have red blood (readers from planet Vulcan aside).  But Gilleland bleeds Jeff Forest red.  He grew up in the Forest area, watching his idols win a State title in 1988.

  • The Pride of Big Island


    She's been many things:  a wife, mother, teacher and coach, to name a few.

    Now, Sheila Turpin will add another role to that list:  Hall of Famer.

    The Big Island native was included in this year's class of inductees into the Radford University Hall of Fame.

    The induction ceremony will take place in conjunction with Radford University's Fall Homecoming Weekend on October 18-19.  

  • Big Island Post 217 kicks off season


    The boys of summer are back in swing.

    Big Island Post 219 has kicked off what the crew hopes will be yet another successful season.

    The team, which is comprised of older high school and first-year college players (there is a 19-year old age limit), has a roster that is chock full o' talent.

  • Update: Sinkhole shuts down one lane of traffic on US 460 in Bedford




  • We must return to the principles of our founding fathers

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Defending our liberties
  • Camp Lejeune water contamination

    By Bob Kibler

        From the 1950s to the 1980s, Veterans and family members living or serving at the U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina were potentially exposed to drinking water contaminated with chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including industrial solvents and components of fuels.

  • Stopping to marvel at the intricacy of nature

    By Jennifer Patterson

    With the emergence of the seventeen year periodical Cicadas the past few weeks, I stopped to marvel at the amazing intricacy of nature and how God works through everything around us. When I study the perfection of nature I just don’t understand how a scientist can believe in evolution. How can anyone watch the life cycle of these Cicadas or any other insect, animal or human and think that this all just exploded into place and nature evolved over millions of years or that we all possibly emerged from a swamp?

  • Va. Democrats choose superior ticket

        In their June 11 statewide primary, Virginia Democrats completed the ticket they will present to voters this fall.
        Former national chairman Terry McAuliffe is the party’s d for governor, hoping to replace the now scandal-plagued Bob McDonnell, who remains under FBI investigation.
        McAuliffe will run with two veteran Democratic legislators whom voters chose last week: Sen. Ralph Northam for lieutenant governor; and Sen. Mark Herring for attorney general.

  • They’ll probably blame it on Bush

        President Barack Obama is not having a good year as his approval rating in polls continues to sink.
        His poll ratings fluctuate from day to day in Rasmussen’s daily presidential tracking poll. However, his approval has been on a steady downward trend since February when his approval reached his second term high, topping 55 percent. His most recent tracking poll number puts his approval at 47 percent.