Today's News

  • The General Assembly should take a look at lowering speeds

    ccidents happen.

        Sometimes those accidents can’t be avoided, but far too often they could have been. Reducing the speed on secondary roads in Virginia might help.

        The Bedford County Board of Supervisors plans to ask legislators to lower the speed limits on all secondary roads from 55 miles per hour to 45 mph, unless a different speed is posted. That change could potentially help save lives in Bedford County and across the commonwealth.

        It’s a request worthy of consideration.

  • Letters

    Festival of Trees

        When we moved here several years ago it was a pleasant surprise to see the signs, “Bedford, The Christmas Capital of Virginia.”

        We have enjoyed the display at the Elks Home and really appreciate the work involved for the wonderful display at Liberty Lake Park. What a treat for the children to see the Christmas Parade and enjoy the Buggy Rides in Centertown on Fridays.

  • Bill will extend Virginians’ unemployment for an additional 14 weeks

    I want to update Virginians on some of the efforts I am undertaking in Congress to get our economy back on track.

  • Health care reform: there is a better way
  • Conservatives in a purging mood, again

        Democrats picked up two more seats in the House on Election Day, winning special elections in New York and California. The party’s majority in the House now is such that it won’t be seriously threatened for many election cycles.

        Most of the media’s attention was on New York’s 23rd congressional district. There, conservative ideologues wickedly attacked the GOP nominee and forced her out of the race.

  • Will ACORN sprout in ObamaCare?

        A couple of months ago, thanks to some enterprising private citizens, ACORN got caught giving advice on how to break the law.

        Videos surfaced in September of employees at ACORN field offices in three different cities advising a pair, posing as a pimp and a prostitute, on how to launder money earned from prostitution. They also got advice on how to evade the law to bring underage prostitutes into the country and house them.

  • Change in venue for Regional volleyball

         Volleyball fans, take heart.  At least, save gasoline.

         Thursday night's Region III semifinal match between Jefferson Forest and Lord Botetourt was scheduled to take place at Wilson Memorial, a couple of hours away.

         By mutual agreement, that match has been moved to a closer location:  Staunton River High School.  It will still take place at 7 p.m.

  • Seminole, Blue Ridge volleyball tournament schedules

     The following is the schedule for the Seminole District Volleyball Tournament:

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Game #1:  EC Glass vs. Heritage @ EC Glass 7pm

    Game #2:  Rustburg vs. Amherst @ Rustburg 7pm

  • Crashing back to Earth

    It only took one man to take the wind out of the Staunton River sails.

  • Amherst takes over in second half to top JF

    It’s difficult to imagine coming away from a 30-0 loss with hope in your heart.

    Yet, that’s exactly the situation for Jefferson Forest after it was topped by that score on the FieldTurf of Amherst.