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  • We shouldn’t bank on bailouts

    The free flow of money is fundamental to our capitalist system and the entrepreneurial spirit that defines America.  Investors vote with their wallets and the best ideas prevail.  However, this only works when the government does not inject itself into otherwise private matters.


  • Even RNC chief doubts Afghanistan

        It’s not easy for anyone to be the head of either the Republican or Democratic national committee when your party is out of power at all levels in Washington. For Michael Steele, it’s always been a bumpy ride.

        Steele was battling a buzz saw last week after some less than enthusiastic comments about the war in Afghanistan, a war that conservative Republicans are required to support.

  • Diamond action heats up


    That’s what this year’s Big Island Post 217 entrant in American Legion baseball is: flat-out loaded.

  • Getting 'em started early

    Rome was not built in a day.

    In fact, it was quite a lengthy process to build that city.

  • Sports commentary: America's game

      World Cup enthusiasm rolls on. It continues in this country, unaffected by our team’s ouster by those pesky Ghanaians (Ghanians? Ghananians?).

  • Reed brings love of history to new post

        Robin Reed has loved history since he was a boy traveling around the East Coast with his family visiting every historical site they could find. The fact that his chosen profession deals with telling the stories of history comes as no surprise.

        “To make it a profession is one of the great joys of my life,” states Reed, the newly selected president of the National D-Day Foundation. “I’m an avid living history historian.”

  • Bedford Christmas Station to hold raffle

        Like many organizations that help people going through tough times, the Bedford Christmas Station is facing the double challenge of a drop in donations and an increase in need.

  • BDVS recognizes advocates for victims

    Fifteen area law enforcement personnel were honored during the seventh annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Awards ceremony held last Wednesday. The goal of the event is to recognize those who have promoted safety for domestic violence victims and their children along with holding the batterers accountable for their actions.

  • CVAAA to hold open houses as part of anniversary celebration

    Central Virginia Area Agency on Aging (CVAAA) is celebrating 35 years of helping elderly people stay home longer.

  • Rubatex closes its doors again

    Rubatex has, for the second time in 10 years, ceased operating.

        The company was once a major fixture of Bedford’s industrial landscape, employing 1,200 people. It was just a shadow of its former self when it closed its doors for a short period in 2004. It reopened after being purchased by SEDO Chemical, a German manufacturer, later that year. The company was later purchased by Dominik Menakker, a German national. He became sole owner of Rubatex on January 1, 2008. At its most recent peak it employed about 60 people.