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  • Church news (week of July 20, 2011)


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    The Spiritual Workers in concert


  • We must put an end to Washington’s reckless spending

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • We must cut, cap and balance

    Currently the leadership of both the House and the Senate are engaged in ongoing discussions with President Obama about the future of our country. The negotiations center around the amount of debt the federal government can incur. Unfortunately, because of continued out-of-control spending, we are facing a situation where Congress is once again being asked to increase that amount in order to avoid default.

  • Congressman Hurt should support, not cut, Bay cleanup efforts

       By Ann F. Jennings

    In February, Congressman Robert Hurt voted to support a measure to block funding for all federal work to restore the Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers. Ironically, these include long stretches of the polluted Appomattox , James, and Rivanna rivers flowing through his district.

  • GOP should heed McConnell’s warning

        By the time you read this it’s possible that a deal has already been reached on the debt ceiling crisis.

        Even if that is the case, and we’ve successfully avoided a U.S. default, there are still some political lessons that remain.
        First, Republicans need to stop trying to fool everyone about how jobs are created. Rich people do not create jobs. Period. That is a conservative myth, particularly a Reagan myth.

  • Doom and gloom a bit premature

        I’m an optimist of sorts. If somebody says, “It can’t get any worse,” I’ll reply, “Oh yes it can!” I usually tend to see the glass as half empty and think that every silver lining has a dark cloud. I also tend to waste a lot of time crossing bridges that I never actually get to.

  • Congratulations and thanks

    Conservation Police Sergeant Karl P. Martin has helped make Smith Mountain Lake and this area much safer during his years of service. Last month he was appropriately recognized for his service.

  • Fire destroys home in county

    A mid-day blaze destroyed a single family home at 1229 Oregon Trail, south of Bedford, Wednesday.

        According to Marci Stone, the county’s assistant fire chief, nobody was at home at the time the fire started. A relative, who lives nearby, saw smoke and called 911. The house was fully involved when the first units arrived.

  • Grandmother collecting funds for family of injured child

        Various media outlets, including this newspaper, recently identified Karen Toms as the person collecting funds for the family of a 9-year-old Bedford County girl hospitalized after her 13-year-old brother drove an SUV over the lawn mower she was riding. This is not correct. The person actually collecting the funds is Barbara Schrader, of Goode, the girl’s grandmother.

        “I’ll handle it the best I know how,” Schrader said.

  • Pedaling for friendship

        Three bearded young men passed through Bedford, with bicycles, last week. The three are Orthodox Jewish rabbis, or soon will be. They all recently graduated from a rabbinical college in Morristown, N.J., and will soon be ordained.

        According to Dani Saul, the leader of the group, the three are riding bicycles across the United States to create awareness of Friendship Circle and a program to pair teens with children with disabilities.