Today's News

  • Lago Pizza continues to grow

    By Peter Sawyer
    Intern writer

        Bedford County residents who like deep dish pizza can book a flight to Chicago, go without, or head to Lago Pizza in Moneta.
        Lago Pizza’s owner Esperanza Forero claims to have the only restaurant around that offers a Chicago style pizza.
        “We are the only ones who make Chicago around here, and the only ones who do the buffet,” Forero said.

  • Girl Scouts honored for cookie sales

    Peter Sawyer
    Intern Writer

        A string of pearls.
        Almost 100 years ago Juliette Gordon Low sold a string of pearls, an heirloom, to help fund a national Girl Scout movement.
         From January through March, Girl Scouts work especially hard to sell cookies.  They do so to raise money for trips and various causes within the community.

  • Troop’s first Eagle presents award to the newest to achieve that rank

    Late last month Joe Dellosso reached the pinnacle for a Boy Scout—he attained the rank of Eagle.

  • New start times for students

    Bedford County students will have new start times for their school day next year.

        The Bedford County School Board, on a 5-3 vote at its regular meeting Thursday night, adopted a measure that will reduce school bus costs by $360,000 next year. The plan calls for school starting times to be staggered with elementary schools starting at 7:55 a.m. and the high schools and middle schools starting an hour later. This will allow the school division to use fewer buses to transport students to and from school.

  • Ministries reach out beyond the pews through wild game dinners

    By Peter Sawyer
    Intern writer

    Area churches are leaving the comfort of the pews in an effort to reach local sportsmen.

  • County’s growth close to 14%

    According to the latest census figures, Bedford County now has a population of 68,676, up nearly 14 percent from the 2000 census.
        “That’s actually pretty manageable growth,” commented Sue Montgomery. Montgomery is working as a consultant for the county, handling the redistricting that must follow the census.

  • Miracle on Bell Town Road

    The family of Hunter Smith believe they witnessed a miracle last week.

        Hunter is two years old, the son of Jerry and Barbara Smith who live on Bell Town Road. Last Tuesday afternoon, the toddler was pulled from an icy pond, blue and unresponsive. By Friday morning, he was home, happily playing with his toys and chattering like any toddler. And though he had to go back into the hospital on Sunday to be treated for pneumonia, his full recovery is expected.

  • Community events and Calendar (week of Feb. 2, 2011)

    Sign-ups and notices

        For information of events and activities at area churches, see the church news section in this week's paper.

    Need for firewood
        The Agape Center currently supplies over a dozen families in the community with firewood to heat their homes. With the cold season there is a need for firewood.  The Agape Center will pick it up, split it and then distribute to clients.  Call 540-296-0609 or e-mail rosiperry@agapecentersml.org.

    AARP Tax-Aide at Westlake Library

  • Church News (week of Feb. 2, 2011)


    Empowering relationships seminar
        Eastlake Community Church in Moneta is sponsoring the Family Foundations video seminar titled Empowering Relationships on February 18-19.  This seminar focuses on improving one's relationship with family, friends, coworkers and others.  Anyone who has suffered a broken marriage, an unsuccessful career or a general lack of happiness will find comfort and healing in this seminar.  Enrollment is limited.  Call Dr. Gary Jones at 297-2273 for registration information.

  • Minutemen find revenge is not always easy

      Peter Sawyer