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  • New beginnings: The 112th Congress convenes

    Congressman Robert Hurt’s Weekly Column

  • The 112th Congress: A renewed commitment to the Constitution

  • John ‘The Weeper’ Boehner takes over

        It’s official now: Republicans control the House of Representatives and Ohio Congressman John Boehner is the new Speaker of the House.

        There is much to admire in Boehner’s working class background. But somewhere along the way, he rejected his family’s Democratic Party roots and became a Republican.
        Booted out of his party’s leadership a few years back, he’s returned in a major way. But he’s known for his amazing capacity to cry as much as for anything else.

  • Dangerous diplomatic dance

        We were treated to a dangerous diplomatic dance routine in the final weeks of 2010.

        It began just before Thanksgiving when North Korea shelled an island controlled by South Korea, killing some people. South Korea returned fire with heavy artillery. Over the next few weeks, North Korea threatened Armageddon if South Korea held a planned artillery firing exercise from the island. Nothing happened, however, when the South Koreans carried out the live fire drill.

  • The Arizona tragedy

    A great tragedy occurred in Tucson, Ariz., on Saturday. Six people were killed, including a 9-year-old girl, and 14 were injured, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat.

        The aftershock, however, has been just as tragic. At a time when the country should have been pulling together to deal with the tragedy, politics trumped civility with many on the left using this as an opportunity to take aim at their enemies on the right.

  • Click leads to trip to show, then to Australia

    Last summer, Patti Jurkus, director of Bedford Memorial Hospital, did something she would never normally do, and ended up with a trip to Australia as a result.

        Jurkus was working late back in August. It was very late, almost 11 p.m when she went on Facebook to look at pictures of her grandchildren. An Oprah Winfrey fan icon popped up and she clicked on it. It asked her what Oprah Winfrey show had impacted her the most. Jurkus replied, listing the show and writing about how it affected her life.

  • Pollard elected chairman

    The Bedford County Board of Supervisors began its first regular meeting of the new year by choosing a new chairman and vice chairman for the year. District 6 Supervisor Annie Pollard was elected chairman and District 7 Supervisor Gary Lowry was elected vice chairman.

  • TV shows add to interest in local storage auctions

    The regulars turned out and so did the newcomers.

        It might not have quite been “Storage Wars” or “Auction Hunters,” but it was a chance for area residents to bid on someone else’s stuff — and just maybe find some treasure.

  • Bedford man faces child porn charges

    A Bedford County man,  arrested and charged on December 23 for aggravated sexual battery of a minor child,  now faces additional charges for the manufacturing of child pornography and charges of possessing child pornography and reproduction of child pornography.

  • Face (book) time: BPD hits the social media

    The Bedford Police Department has joined the world of social media.

        After putting its foot in the social water last year through the Web site Nixle.com, the BPD has jumped in head first by publishing its own Facebook page.
        And people are responding.
        In less than 24 hours after signing on, 200 people had joined the department’s Facebook page. Within a week, that had gone over 250. And in that week, close to 1,000 people had visited the page.