Today's News

  • Legislation will help veterans, schools

    I’d like to report on two pieces of legislation I’ve introduced in Congress.

    As a member of the Health Subcommittee of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I’ve had the privilege of working to provide the best health care not just for our veterans but also for their families, who join in this incredible sacrifice for our country. To that end, I’ve introduced a bill called the Health Care for Family Care Givers Act of 2009, which would provide medical care for family members who act as the primary caregivers for severely disabled veterans.

  • Vietnam War claims one more casualty

        With all the attention over Michael Jackson and other celebrity deaths in recent weeks, a lot of people may have missed the passing of a very important modern historical figure: Vietnam War architect Robert S. McNamara.

        McNamara died July 6 at the age of 93 at his Washington home. The headline on the obituary story in the Roanoke Times was utterly appropriate: “McNamara never shook Vietnam.”

  • Shame on you President Obama

        In recent weeks we have been treated to the spectacle of the president of what still remains the most powerful nation in the world bullying a small, poor country.

        On June 28, the Honduran Army arrested that country’s president, Manuel Zelaya, put him on a plane and flew him out of the country. President Obama has joined other countries in condemning this as a military coup.

        The problem is, it wasn’t really a coup.

  • Soccer hopefuls meet top-notch talent

    How often does one get pointers from a real, live sports professional?

    For some, it was just this past week.  That is, if one was at the Blue Ridge Soccer Camp.

  • Big Island pays back Danville

    You never know who is going to come through for Big Island Post 217.

  • NABF roundup

    While Forest’s NABF road is smooth, while Bedford’s keeps getting rockier.  Moneta, meanwhile, is erratic.

  • Senators Redux - Commentary

      Forgive me for being grumpy, but blame Major League Baseball.

  • Softball postseason heats up

    The fields of the Montvale rec center became the epicenter of softball activity, as both the Belles and Ponytails tournaments kicked into gear.

  • Signs of the times

    There have been some layoffs in Bedford. According to some signs popping up on some Centertown store fronts, Gloom, Doom and Bad News have been laid off.

        The signs were done by Mike Buley, of Jewelry Ads that Work, and Jim Messier, who owns Arthur’s Jewelry, is the local connection. Buley, according to Messier, has customers all over North America.

  • Arrests made in burglary

    Last week Bedford County Sheriff’s Office investigators and deputies executed search warrants at 1050 Windhaven Trail and 1081 Windhaven Trail in Hardy. The search warrants were the results of an ongoing investigation of criminal activity in the area of Windhaven Trail.

        Deputies arrested Johnathan King, 21, who lives at the 1050 address and charged him with burglary, grand larceny and conspiracy to commit grand larceny. Steven Goodwin, 19, who lives at the 1081 address, was also arrested on the same charges as King.