Today's News

  • VP choices change nothing

    Both John McCain and Barack Obama have now made their picks for vice president.

    These picks don't change anything. "Democrats" can rest assured that, should Obama be elected and should something bad happen to him, the man who would step in to replace him is a fellow lefty. Biden has the third most liberal voting record in the senate, slightly behind Obama's which is the most liberal.

  • A sensible approach

    After several months of consideration, the city of Bedford appears to be headed to adopting a sensible approach to its regulations regarding the construction of sidewalks.

  • Wireless network reaches Centertown

    Beginning this week, Centertown Park is officially connected to the Internet.

    After a year of planning, a wireless system has been installed in Centertown that will service the park area. In essence, folks can bring their laptops or PDAs to the park and connect to the Internet if they choose.

    "I think it will be a useful tool," noted Linda Exley, executive director of Bedford Main Street, Inc. "Putting wi-fi in Centertown is going to help our merchants as well as those visiting."

  • Moneta now has a farmers' market

    Although the summer is over, Moneta's new farmer's market has new offerings coming.

    According to Mantana Heim, apples from Gross' and Kennedy's Orchards will be available. During peach season, the market featured fresh peaches, harvested the day of the market, provided by Skinnell's, another Bedford County orchard.

    The market is open on the second and fourth Saturday's of each month and sets up in a section of the Moneta Library's parking lot, behind the library building. It's open from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Heim currently has 13 vendors selling a variety of products.

  • Three men charged in connection with thefts of catalytic converters

    Two Roanoke men and one Bedford County man have been arrested and charged in connection with property damage and stealing catalytic converters from two businesses in Bedford County.

    On Aug. 29, Bobby E. Taylor, 38, of Roanoke, and Gregory D. Brown, 53, of Roanoke, were arrested just after midnight while allegedly attempting to steal catalytic converters from Sydisco Salvage, located on Quarterwood Road in Montvale. Both men were charged with destroying private property, trespassing and attempting to steal a catalytic converter.

  • Supervisors approve cell tower for Bowyer's Loop; set to expand landfill

    Bedford County's supervisors approved, by a 5-2 vote Monday, a request for a special use permit to build a cell tower on a site on Bowyer's Loop. Bowyer's Loop is adjacent to Va. 122.

    A public hearing was held on Aug. 25 and a number of nearby property owners spoke against it. Some supervisors expressed concern about the tower's visibility. Board Chairman Steve Arrington was absent that night and the supervisors chose to delay action until a full board was present.

  • Putting on your best face

    Cancer can be a different journey for everyone. Patients not only must deal with the disease, they must also cope with the side effects of the treatment. These can include the loss of hair and eyebrows as well as skin changes.

  • The real CSI

    The students who returned to Bedford County's schools recently had a variety of summer experiences.

    For one group of middle schoolers and high school students, the summer included a week of crime scene investigation.

    The day camp was held at Central Virginia Community College's Bedford facility. Bedford County Commonwealth's Attorney Randy Krantz said that each day covered one of the forensic sciences, and the general science behind it.

  • Effort yields arrests, traffic violations

    A recent DUI sobriety checkpoint, held on Aug. 30, yielded numerous traffic violations and even some criminal activity.

    According to authorities, some 75 traffic summonses or arrests were a result of the effort on Route 24 the end of last month.

    The checkpoint was a joint effort between the Virginia State Police and the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, according to First Sgt. Michael Bailey with the State Police.

  • Look out below

    There are certain tasks I just hate to do.

    I don't like to put things together ? such as bookcases, sheds or puzzles. There are too many directions and/or too much thinking involved. If a product says "easy installation in just 20 minutes" I run the other way. Or I buy it and give it to my wife to build.

    I also don't like to walk in high places. I don't do roofs, high-rise construction sites or ladders over 8 feet high. I'm short for a reason.