Today's News

  • Underground operations

    Day and night, as Virginians go about their business, streams of information about some of them are being gathered and analyzed in the basement of Virginia State Police headquarters in Richmond. The VSP operates a Fusion Intelligence Center, like similar centers housed in other states, that constantly shares information culled from local, state, federal and international sources. It is staffed by state, local and federal employees.

  • TCRC submits response to plan

    The Tri-County Relicensing Committee (TCRC) has submitted, to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), a response to the AEP Preliminary License Plan (PLP) for relicensing the Smith Mountain Project (P-2210).

  • Letters

    The surge is working

    In the Liberal Agenda Rick Howell states: "Sorry, the surge isn't working."

    Howell said Americans who support the Iraq War are still a definite minority, and Bush went exactly in the opposite direction from what the voters of America told him. As I see it,there were two messages sent at this time, one the war, the other Illegal Immigration. The liberal press had a choice on which one to choose, and they jumped on the war since they controlled the media.

  • Educational decisions should be left to parents and teachers

    Nothing is more important to our future than ensuring a high-quality education for our nation's children. Decisions concerning education should be made at the local level first by parents, and then by teachers and local communities. We also need to measure how much our students are learning in fundamental subjects like reading, writing, math, and science which will ensure that their future is bright and full of opportunity.

  • Portrait, plaque honor Nanci Drake

    Friends, family and colleagues gathered at the Bedford Welcome Center Nov. 30 to unveil a commissioned portrait of Nanci Drake, the first Director of Tourism for Bedford City and County who died unexpectedly more than a year ago on Dec. 2, 2006.

    Mayor Skip Tharp presented and donated the portrait. Tharp was joined by County Supervisor Steve Arrington to unveil the portrait.

    The portrait captures Nanci?s energy, enthusiasm and stellar smile.

  • Dragstrip opponents make some noise

    Some neighbors of the New London Airport and Dragstrip say that they don't like the dragstrip's noise.

  • Request to build townhouses for laborers approved

    Bedford County's planning commission gave the green light, last week, to a request by May Brothers to build housing for temporary workers.

  • Tour operators visit Bedford

    Bedford's tourism office will host a group of group tour operators from around the country today. A second group will be here Friday.

    "This is incredible to get," commented Sergei Troubetzkoy, the Bedford area's director of tourism.

    All told, there will be a total 27 tour operators here. Troubetzkoy said that he had that many visit during his entire 18 years as director of tourism in Staunton.

  • Big Island firefighter saves woman from fire

    A Big Island woman is alive today thanks to decisive action by a Big Island firefighter.

    It was Sunday morning. Frank Branch, the fire department's deputy chief, was at home when the emergency call came over his radio dispatching the department to a house fire off Folkes Street in Big Island. Branch knew the house. The fire department has a chimney clean-out program for elderly and disabled people. The program involves doing a basic chimney inspection, in the fall, and cleaning out creosote buildup.

  • Arrests made in shooting

    Three people have been charged with their involvement in a shooting on Thaxton School Road Jan. 2, including a mother and her daughter.

    This week Deepraj Islam Khan, 19, formerly of Forest, Sandra Faye Campbell, 46, of Thaxton, and her daughter, Amanda Lynn Campbell, 18, of Thaxton were each charged with aggravated malicious wounding and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, according to Major Ricky Gardner of the Bedford County Sheriff's Office.