Today's News

  • Centra to purchase Carilion's interest in Bedford Memorial

    The Board of Directors of Bedford Memorial Hospital and Oakwood Health and Rehabilitation Center have endorsed a plan to transfer full ownership of the facilities to Centra in 2014.

    Since 2001, the 50-bed community hospital and 111-bed long-term care facility have been co-owned by Centra and Carilion Clinic. Carilion will sell its 50 percent ownership to Centra.

  • Tracksters are on track


    Tolsma was tight.  And Bedford County athletes were all right.

    This past Friday, 23 schools jammed Liberty University's Tolsma Indoor Track facility for LU's Mid-Area Meet.

    While no team scores were maintained, plenty of Bedford tracksters performed in superior fashion.  In fact, Liberty, Staunton River and Jefferson Forest combined for 34 medals (eighth place or higher), as they ran, jumped and vaulted to their hearts' content.

  • Liberty swimming strong


    By Mike Forster



    The Liberty swim team engaged in some aquatics athletics in anticipation of Friday's Seminole District championship.

    The Min-mermen and Min-mermaids entertained Appomattox and Prince Edward in the friendly confines of Liberty's home pool at the Bedford Area YMCA.

  • JF on Santa's 'nice' list


    The ghost of Christmas's past will soon be haunting future Jefferson Forest football opponents.

    Bob Christmas, who led the Cavs to their greatest gridiron glory, has been named to take the reins of the program once more.

    Christmas was selected from a pool of over 20 applicants, according to JF Athletic Director John Otey.  "I think this (hire) will do amazing things for school spirit and great things to rally the community behind Jeff Forest football," said Otey.

  • Minutemen sting; Minettes stung


    The Liberty basketball teams reached the same fork in the road.  Said fork was at the corner of Brookville Boulevard and Seminole Street.

    The guys went one way; the ladies went the other.

    As in Minutemen 57, Brookville 47 and Bees 61, Minettes 41.

    Combined with both teams picking up wins over Amherst and the Minettes falling to Heritage, we get the current situation:  The Liberty guys are still in the hunt for at least a piece of the Seminole District title.  The Minettes are now playing for second place.

  • River gets swept


    A team can get swamped or it can be edged.  Either way, it receives the same mark in its won-loss record.  That record, of course, is what matters the most.

    The Staunton River guys and gals got a taste of both types of losing.  They were routed by William Fleming before each lost a tough, close game to Northside.

    The pair of losses left the Eagle men looking at a district mark of 0-6 (3-11, overall).  The Lady Eagles, meanwhile, fell to 2-4 halfway through the district skein, and stand 5-10, overall.


  • Sports commentary: Weather or not


    The wife had enough of me this past week.  Not enough to put me on the street, mind you.  But, she'd had enough.

    I understand that it's quite common for wives not to appreciate the fact that husbands are unexpectedly hanging around them.  I further understand that following a wife around the house asking questions such as "What are you doing?" and "What are you going to do next?" don't score points on the marital front.

  • Economic freedom generates growth and prosperity

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Addressing the vulnerabilities in the president’s healthcare law

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    It seems as though every day we are presented with a new glitch or problem associated with the President’s health care law that harms the American people.  Whether it be the excessive waste in the implementation of the law, canceled policies, far higher premiums and deductibles, fewer work hours and jobs, or the cybersecurity risks within Healthcare.gov, it could not be clearer that the President’s healthcare law and its execution have been flawed, misguided, and mismanaged.


  • Reversing the diminishing workforce

    The reality of our frustrating jobs outlook in the United States must be addressed. The most recent monthly jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that while the unemployment rate decreased to 6.7 percent in December, only 74,000 people found jobs and labor force participation fell once again. Last month, 347,000 Americans dropped out of the workforce, driving the Labor Force Participation Rate – a measure of those who are employed or unemployed and actively looking for work – to 62.8 percent. This represents its lowest level since the Carter Administration in 1978.