Today's News

  • Local man honored

        “I have a boring lifestyle,” Elbert Toms said.

  • County man graduates from West Point

        The United States Military Academy, better known as West Point, is more than 200 years old.

         President Thomas Jefferson signed legislation establishing it in 1802. Since then a steady stream of young men have graduated from the academy to take their place as officers in the United States Army. Among the latest group — they graduated at the end of May — was Kevin Carlin, a Bedford County man.
        Carlin, after graduating, headed off to become an aviation officer.

  • Local Girl Scout chosen for White House campout

        Samantha Houck loves the outdoors.

        But even she couldn’t have imagined that her adventurous spirit would one day lead to camping out on the South Lawn of the White House.
        Houck, a rising junior at Jefferson Forest High School, was one of a select few of Girl Scouts from several states     given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by First Lady Michelle Obama to attend the first-ever campout at the White House held on Tuesday, June 30.

  • There will be horses and hounds

        The 11th Annual Horse and Hound Wine Festival takes place this Saturday at Johnson’s Orchard.

        “It’s always the second Saturday [in July],” noted Nancy Johnson.
        This means it’s usually hot, but there are large tents for shade and CINTAS, as usual, will be on hand with cold, wet towels to help people cool down. They also help dogs too. And there are lots of dogs—dogs of all kinds ranging from tiny Yorkies to an enormous Irish Wolf Hound.

  • Observing the birth of our nation

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • A celebration of freedom and liberty

    In a letter to his wife in 1776, John Adams predicted that great anniversary celebrations marked with “pomp and parade” would take place each year on the Second of July, the day the Continental Congress voted to declare independence from Britain. While he was right about the celebrations of freedom that have taken place for well over two hundred years, the date we all know is the Fourth of July – the date the Declaration of Independence was formally adopted by the Congress.

  • Conservatives stumble over race again

        For a long time, conservative Republicans have explained away racism, rationalized it, or even denied its existence outright in instances where it appears obvious to everyone else.
        In the recent spate of police shooting or beating deaths of African-Americans, conservatives seemed to search the very stars in the heavens for any answer other than one that involved racism.

  • A truly moving experience

        People who have a clean desk never know the pleasure of finding something they thought they lost.
        The Bedford Bulletin moved to new quarters at 233 Depot Street last week and I found all sorts of things as I dug through nearly 18 years of clutter prior to our move. I didn’t unearth an original copy of Magna Carta, but I did find a Bedford City Council agenda from 1997. I also found an appointment calendar from 2000. I figured that I wouldn’t need either of them, so I tossed them.

  • Three arrested for child abuse

        At 9:50 p.m. Monday, June 22, Bedford County 911 dispatchers received a call reporting a possible child abuse on Mt. Airy Road, Lynch Station.
        A Bedford County sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the location. After arriving on the scene and investigating the complaint Bedford County Social Services Child Protection investigators were contacted and made aware of the complaint.

  • Couple charged with 2014 Sonic robbery

        Weeks after the robbery of the Sonic in Forest in February 2014, Matthew Kukulski and Caitlin N. Williamson, boyfriend/girlfriend, became persons of interest in the robbery.
        In August 2014, Bedford County Sheriff’s Investigator Steve Smith traveled to Florida where Kukulski was serving time in jail. While in Florida, Smith interviewed both Kuklski and Williamson.