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  • Runnin Wild in Forest


    By: Denton Day

    Hundreds of runners, coaches and fans filled the land at Wolf Branch Farm in Forest, VA Oct. 14 for the Jefferson Forest hosted event Running with the Wolves Rocktoberfest Cross Country meet.

    Thirty-six total teams participated in the event 35 of which are from Virginia and one team from West Virginia.

  • Learnin Experience

    By: Denton Day

    The Liberty Minutemen started off well against powerhouse Amherst County on Oct. 13. Holding the Lancers to only seven points in the first quarter things were looking good for the Minutemen.

    That would quickly change. The Lancers scored their first touchdown by way of blocked punt and they fell on it in the Minutemen's end zone to end the quarter.

  • Hilltoppers too much for Cavaliers to overcome

    By: Denton Day

    Big plays hurt the Cavaliers once again in their matchup against rival E.C. Glass Oct. 13.

    "We got big played," Jefferson Forest Head Coach Bob Christmas said.

    The Cavaliers surrendered five big plays to the the Hilltoppers and that was too much to recover from. Jefferson Forest fell 57-36.

    Glass got out to a quick 14-8 lead and would continue to build on that throughout the first half. However, the Cavaliers still had their chances.

  • Staunton River Throttles Northside

    By: Denton Day

    All eyes were on the Staunton River Golden Eagles' prolific running back Grasyon Overstreet as he inched closer and closer to the VHSL career rushing title. Entering the game Overstreet was 200 yards short of the record.

  • Celebrating shared values

        An event dubbed “Bedford Get Together” was held Saturday at Edmund Street Park. The weather was perfect for an outdoor event. It was sunny and warm — not too hot, not too cold, just right. The event featured food, music, activities for children, story tellers and a chance to see what various community organizations and local government departments do.

  • May small lights get bigger

    By James F. Burns
    Retired professor
    University of Florida.  

        The mystery of the motivation behind the machine-gun massacre in Las Vegas—59 dead and 527 wounded—may literally be a blank.  Yes, a fill-in-the-blank exam in which the blank is the answer.

  • Eight alleged MS-13 members charged; allegations include murder of teen in Bedford County

    A federal grand jury returned an indictment on September 27 and it was unsealed Wednesday. The indictment charges the defendants in connection with a conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise known as the La Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13. The indictments include charges associated with the death of a Lynchburg teen who was killed in Bedford County.

    Those indicted include:

    Carlos Roberto Tejada Cruz, a/k/a “Krusty,” age 20, of Beltsville, Maryland;

  • Why can’t a Muslim speak at Liberty?

        Liberty University has worked hard to gain its reputation as an arm of the national Republican Party, given that founder Jerry Falwell Sr. began the myths of “Christian conservatism,” the notion that, somehow, Christian teachings are consistent with right-wing American politics.
        It’s not true, of course, but legions of rural Americans fall for it, because of the stuff they hear in their fundamentalist churches, particularly about abortion and homosexuality.

  • Council will miss Jim Vest

        It was a surprise to learn, at the beginning of the month, that Jim Vest is stepping down from Town Council. By the time this column sees print, Vest’s resignation will have taken effect. He officially submitted his resignation at Council’s Oct. 10 meeting.

  • Liberty HS to host Little Feet Meet Oct. 26

    By Foster Garrett
    LHS Intern Writer

        Liberty High School is not known for its abundance of organizations, but what it lacks in numbers it makes up in the passion and dedication of its club members.