Today's News

  • Forest girls softball defeats Rustburg

    By Margaret Pascale
    Sports Editor

        The Jefferson Forest girls softball team made the most of its three hits defeating Rustburg 4-2 on Wednesday, May 4.
        Rustburg went up 1-0 in the first inning. The Lady Cavaliers held Rustburg to zero runs until the Lady Red Devils plated one in the fourth inning.
        The Lady Cavaliers down 2-0 came back in the bottom of the fifth scoring four runs and holding RHS scoreless the rest of the way.

  • Liberty soccer falls to E.C. Glass

    By Margaret Pascale
    Sports Editor


        The Liberty boys soccer team started slow in the first half against E.C. Glass costing them a 6-1 loss on Wednesday, May 4. “We came out flat and Glass jumped all over us early. They scored three goals in the first 15 minutes,” said Coach Eric Seckman.

  • JF Lacrosse defeats E.C. Glass

    By Margaret Pascale
    Sports Editor

        The Jefferson Forest boys and girls lacrosse teams both defeated conference rival E.C. Glass on Wednesday, May 4.

  • Jesus outranks the pope

        It seems, from reading Rick Howell’s Liberal Agenda last week, that Pope Francis is some sort of patron saint for left-wingers. Of course, Mr. Howell claims to be Roman Catholic, so one would expect him to think well of the leader of his church.

  • Supporting our small businesses is vital

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Protecting the Fourth Amendment in the digital age

    A lot has changed since 1986. Mail was sent with postage stamp, a search engine was called a library, “tweets” were the sounds made by birds, and “clouds” were found only in the sky. In 1986, computer storage was finite and expensive. It was unfathomable to think that something like email would allow users to send and receive electronic communications around the globe for free, much less store vast amounts of your information.


  • Of our American rights and freedoms, which one would you choose to celebrate and why?

    By Megan Horsley
    Jefferson Forest HS Good Citizen Sponsored by Peaks of Otter NSDAR

        Most people would assert that the right to bear arms or the freedom of religion should be celebrated because this is what makes America unique.  However, these rights would not be possible if the right to free speech was not a part of the United States Constitution.  The freedom of speech allowed the founding fathers to create the democratic government that American citizens take for granted today.

  • A stunning admission on ‘voter ID’ laws

        I was happy to vote this week in the Roanoke City Council and mayoral elections, but not without first showing my “voter ID” driver’s license.
        You know how it is, right? There’s so much “voter fraud” these days. We can be thankful that conservative Republicans are so deeply concerned about the “sanctity” of voting that they’re passing these laws in so many states now.

  • ‘Democrats’ can be funny

        “Democrats” can often be good for a laugh. The most recent humorous thing they have done is to replace Andrew Jackson’s visage on the $20 bill with Harriet Tubman’s. The replacement is an effort to be politically correct and it’s funny because of who is being replaced by whom and the fact that it’s being done by the servants of a “Democratic” president.

  • Town meals tax going up

        Bedford Town Council adopted a budget last week that contains a hike in the meals tax rate. However, the transient occupancy tax rate will stay where it is.