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  • House and Senate spending plans starkly different

    By Delegate Kathy Byron

        The seventh week of the 2018 General Assembly session saw both the House and the Senate unveiling their respective versions of Virginia’s Biennial Budgets.  As was the case in 2001, 2004, 2006, and 2014, the two spending plans are starkly different and don’t even agree on how much money Virginia will have to spend over the next two years.

  • Medicaid expansion primary difference between House and Senate budgets

    By Delegate Terry Austin

        Welcome to Week 7 of the Virginia General Assembly – a week in which the House and Senate each rolled out its respective version of the 2019-2020 Biennial Budget. The two versions differ substantially. The difference originates with how each chamber proposes to approach Medicaid expansion, and Medicaid expansion, in turn, has ripple effects throughout the rest of the budget.
        I focus here on the House version of the budget bill because that is the one that I helped assemble.

  • Russian interference in 2016 wasn’t a ‘hoax’

        Special Counsel Robert Mueller recently announced 13 indictments of Russian nationals and companies for their role in subverting our presidential election in a clear effort to elect Donald Trump as president.
        This prompted the Clown-in-Chief to go into one of his patented “tweet storms,” in which he blamed everyone and everything but himself and Russia for his predicament.

  • Not what liberals want

        Rick Howell hasn’t mentioned a thing, lately, about President Donald Trump’s approval rating. I wonder if it’s because he and his fellow left-wingers are not happy with what they are seeing.

  • Innovairre to expand in Bedford

        Governor Ralph Northam announced Tuesday that Innovairre Communications, LLC will expand its operation in Bedford County.
        The expansion will create 12 new jobs and 72 existing employees will be retrained to utilize the new digital printing technology Innovairre will use to produce direct mail fundraising materials for the nonprofit sector. The expansion will also result in $4.85 million in capital investment for the new printing equipment.

  • Town council talks budget

        Bedford Town Council began the work, last week, of developing the town’s budget.
        A major part of the work session discussion was providing town staff with guidance on funding for outside agencies. A number of agencies sent in requests for funding and those asking for an increase in funding  did not get it.
        The Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce asked for $7,000. Last year, the Chamber got $5,000 and Council chose to give it the same amount this year.

  • Arming teachers

        The school shooting in Florida has, among other things, brought attention to the debate about whether teachers should be allowed to carry concealed firearms in school.
        Currently, it is illegal under Virginia law to carry a firearm into a school, although law enforcement officers, such as school resource officers, may have firearms in a school building.
        Locally, some officials believe teachers should be allowed to carry firearms.

  • Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

    By Foster Garrett
    Intern Writer

        On Thursday, Feb. 15, the Roanoke Times and Scripps hosted the district spelling bee at Liberty High School.
        The contest consisted of 15 contestants from all middle and elementary schools in Bedford County, ranging from grades three through eight.

  • STEAM-ing ahead

    By Foster Garrett

  • Hawkins on unpaid leave

    A 52-year-old paid paramedic with Bedford County Fire & Rescue has been placed on unpaid administrative leave following his arrest on six counts of computer solicitation of a minor.