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  • Cavaliers crush the Bees

    Sports Editor

        The Cavaliers were in a tackling mood Friday night. Jefferson Forest’s five interceptions helped pave a path for a 55-23 victory over Brookville in last Friday’s regular season finale. 
        Forest finished its second regular season in a row undefeated. The Cavaliers also received bragging rights over Brookville for another year.

  • New leadership provides a renewed opportunity

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • America must lead on the world stage

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • eto of troops must not stand

    They protect and defend – spending months away from home and loved ones, risking their lives for the cause of freedom. The sacrifice of the U.S. Armed Forces is great, and these men and women in uniform know all too well the danger they face. They know it’s not a game, and shouldn’t be treated as one. Ensuring our military has the resources they need to operate effectively and protect the American people is nothing to be delayed or held hostage by one signature.


  • County should adopt TNR

    By Diane Novak
    Founder & Past President
    Barn Cat Buddies, Inc.

        Thank you for the wonderful article on feral cats last week. 
        Trap Neuter Return or T.N.R has been the subject of many heated discussions in the last several years. To understand the subject more clearly we need to understand how the feral cat phenomenon began.

  • Working organized labor’s political program

        Thus ends another political campaign, and we can only hope that the real winners were Virginia’s working families and the deserving poor who so need Medicaid expansion.
        For my part, it was a pleasure to again work with the Virginia AFL-CIO’s political campaign program, designated by year, of course, as “Labor 2015.”

  • A more muscular foreign policy?

        Recent news stories are making me wonder if President Barack Obama is finally starting to use some sense when it comes to foreign policy. I’ve entertained that thought before only to realize that I was wrong.
        This president’s foreign policy has ranged from incoherent to incompetent.

  • For your sake, watch out for the deer

        Bedford area residents know all too well the tragedy that can come from hitting a deer with a vehicle.
        Last year, county residents were involved in 128 deer-related accidents, among the leaders throughout the commonwealth.
        The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) notes that November is the most dangerous month for deer-related crashes in Virginia and is urging motorists to buckle up, slow down and be observant.


    This week I had the pleasure of meeting Ken and Dana Ballard. They were able to sit down with me and talk about how schools get into the playoffs, how power points work, and why football is the only sport that does its playoff system differently.

  • Cross Country advances to Regions

    Sports Editor

        All three Bedford County Cross Country teams have runners advancing to regionals either as a team or as individuals.
        Jefferson Forest 
        Jefferson Forest ran in the 4A Conference 23 Cross Country Championships which took place  Thursday Oct. 28 at Wolf Branch Farm.