Today's News

  • Fund grants incentives to skills -based curricula

    By Delegate Kathy Byron

        With just one week left in the 2016 session of Virginia’s General Assembly, legislators are wrapping up work on legislation and preparing to approve the new 2016-2018 biennial budget.  The last two times the General Assembly considered a new biennial budget, in 2012 and 2014, impasses lasting weeks resulted in overtime sessions.  Things are moving briskly this year, however.

  • Bills deal with public education

    By Delegate Terry Austin

        We are one week away from the scheduled end of our 60-day legislative session.  Our time now is devoted to completion of committee work, review of Senate bills sent to the House, follow-up action to gubernatorial vetoes, and the fashioning of amendments to pending legislation.

  • Texas abortion law should be tossed

        At week’s end, the U.S. Supreme Court temporarily blocked a Louisiana law that would basically shut down all abortion clinics in the state but one. This was after hearing arguments for and against a similar law in Texas.
        Some took it as a sign that a majority of the eight justices are poised to strike down the Texas law, one that requires doctors at a clinic to have admitting privileges at a hospital.

  • A world plunging into chaos

        Whoever or whatever ends up being elected in November, the new president will face a world that’s increasingly plunging into chaos. Some of this chaos is Barack Obama’s fault, some isn’t.
        There are some things I can’t blame on President Obama, the Zika virus being on of them.

  • Rose Hill Penny Run

        Rose Hill Horse Farm is hosting a fun-filled race day on Sunday, March 13 at 3pm. The farm is better known for the more than 30 horses that are groomed, boarded, and trained by Hunter and Anna Lisa King. They have been showing and training horses for more than 50 years. Both have won many races and international awards for their riding.
        So, why have a foot race at a horse farm?

  • Virginia Hunter Skills Weekends

        An interesting, educational experience awaits anyone with a desire to learn more about hunting and hunting-related skills – and no previous experience or equipment is required.  On April 22-24 Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center at 1267 4-H Camp Rd in Appomattox will be the host for the 8th year of semi-annual Virginia Hunter Skills Weekends (VHSW).

  • Baseball Spring Previews

    JF baseball out for the State Championship title

  • A walk down Memory Lane

    By Margaret Pascale
    Sports Editor

        Billy Catron, Ron Jones and Richard Vaught, three native Bedford men, were a part of the 1982 Longwood baseball team that went to California for the College World Series.
        “In 1982 it was Longwood’s fifth year playing organized baseball and only the second year in Division II,” said Billy Carton.

  • Forest Elementary gets a big surprise

    By Margaret Pascale
    Sports Editor

        All the students at Forest Elementary gathered in the gymnasium for an assembly this past Monday, March 7. The students thought that they were just gathering to speak about accomplishments and handing out awards for participating in the Rashad Jennings Foundation Reading Challenge.

  • Rebuilding from the storm’s destruction

    By Congressman Robert Hurt