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  • Boys Soccer Spring Previews

    Forest holds to tradition and reputation with young squad

  • Hunting Skills Classes at Holiday Lake

        Virginia is fortunate to have habitat that supports a wide variety of wildlife and game.  Bay, river and tidal waters provide waterfowl hunting, mountain areas offer bears to harvest.  Fields, forests and fencerows support small game of all kinds, and the thriving population of deer and wild turkeys create opportunities state-wide to get out and find game. 

  • Softball Spring Previews

    Liberty softball looks to be stronger than last year

  • River falls after an 11 inning stretch

    By Margaret Pascale
    Sports Editor
        On Friday, March 18 Jefferson Forest traveled to Staunton River to face off against the Golden Eagles in a county rivalry game.
        This was a defensive game that lasted 11 innings before Forest pulled out a 5-1 victory over the Eagles.

  • JF comes out with a bang

    By Margaret Pascale
    Sports Editor

        A weekend game and an in-county rivalry set up JF to start out the season undefeated as the 2016 baseball season gets underway.
        A sophomore pitcher helped lead JF to it’s defeat over Basset 8-4 on Saturday, March 19. After the Cavaliers played 11 innings against Staunton River the night before and defeating the in-county rival 5-1, the tired group traveled to Bassett to play the Bengals.

  • Community Day focuses on fun, area resources

        The sixth annual Community Day, scheduled for April 2, is a totally-free, fun event focused on community outreach and the well-being of the Bedford area community and residents. 

        Sponsored by the Bedford Crime Prevention Coalition, even more activities have been added and more agencies and organizations are involved. 

  • Local vet raises, sells lamb from family farm

        While there are plenty of cattle farms selling locally raised beef, lamb is a bit more difficult to find. And lamb lovers know that supermarket lamb can often be stronger in taste and not live up to its expectations for a tender and tasty piece of meat.

        For those who enjoy lamb, there is one local source. Karen Baum and her husband Emile DeKeyser, raise lamb at their farm in Huddleston.

  • Bedford County Sheriff's Office loses top investigator, friend

        The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office lost one of its best investigators when cancer claimed Lt. Darryl Saunders last week. Saunders was lieutenant of the criminal investigations unit.

        “It left a big hole over here,” commented Major Ricky Gardner. “I’ve been here 30 years and he was here 28 years.”
        Saunders held a number of positions over the years, including road deputy and canine officer.

  • Today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators 

    By Congressman Robert Hurt
    This past week, we had the opportunity to visit a number of schools across the Fifth District and learn about the curricula our students have been studying. We visited schools in Rocky Mount, Gretna, Chatham, Altavista, Brookneal, Cumberland, Palmyra, Farmville, Stanardsville, and Charlottesville discussing topics ranging from computer science to political science.


  • Protecting retirement savings Options

    Saving up for a rainy day – whether it’s a few quarters in your piggy bank as a child or investing in a retirement plan as an adult, many of us have heard from a young age about the importance of saving for the future. Saving is important to your financial security and independence. However, for many men and women who have worked their entire lives, every penny saved for retirement is a challenge.