Today's News

  • Fat Tire Bike Weekend

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        The Centra Health Fat Tire bike weekend took place this past weekend at Falling Creek Park. It kicked off Friday, June 10 and finished up on Sunday, June 12.
        The Bedford Co. Recreation Department decided in 2006 to put bike trails into their parks. “In 2007 we started promoting Bedford County as a mountain bike trail destination,” said Kenny Palmer the Operations Coordinator for Bedford Co. Parks and Recreation.

  • Gym plans OK'd

        In order to stay within budget, the Bedford County School Board decided to go with a new gymnasium at Liberty High School that will have seating for 1,230.

  • Shifting the focus from permitting to progress

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Putting security before shortcuts

    Sometimes less is more. But when it comes to keeping our communities safe from terrorist threats, security comes before shortcuts. A bill that I strongly support, the Visa Integrity and Security Act, addresses the gaping holes in our immigration process that allow those who wish Americans harm to game the system.



  • Bathrooms? You gotta be kidding me

        Many years ago, I read a book called “Second Serve,” written by a former doctor and tennis professional named Renee Richards.
        This wasn’t your standard autobiography of a self-obsessed athlete interested in telling her story to make even more money. By today’s standards, it was a ground-breaking introduction to what we now know as being “transgender.”

  • Becoming more lethal
  • It’s no fad

        Personalized learning isn’t a Bedford County idea; it’s the way the world is now operating.
        Check out most college and university academic programs and you will find students being offered, and many compelled, to take online courses as part of their studies. Many students opt to spend their entire college career in an online program. Even the smallest colleges are utilizing this type of learning model.

  • Unusual artifact: Bottle of brandy had belonged to Earl Draper

    The National D-Day Memorial Foundation has been accumulating a collection of D-Day related artifacts and documents for nearly 20 years. One of the most unusual is a vintage bottle of Calvados, a Norman apple brandy. The bottle belonged to Earl Draper.

  • The flight to Normandy

        When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, Norwood Thomas was supremely confident in America’s armed forces.

        “I thought they’d be blown back to eternity in two weeks,” he said.
        Things took a little longer than that.
        “About three months later, I thought they could use my help,” he said.
      Thomas was one of the speakers during Monday’s D-Day Remembrance at the National D-Day Memorial.

  • National Guard colonel promoted at D-Day Memorial

        Monday’s events at the National D-Day Memorial began with a promotion.

        Colonel Lapthe Flora was promoted to brigadier general in the Virginia National Guard. Colonel, now General Flora, asked that his promotion ceremony be held at the D-Day Memorial because his adoptive father was a D-Day veteran.