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  • Cavaliers take the lead against Amherst

    Sports Editor
        Last Friday night Amherst was looking to defeat the undefeated but failed to stop Jefferson Forest’s explosive offense in a contest that led to a 70-43 victory for JF.
        “I thought we played very well for the majority of the game,” said Coach Bob Christmas.

  • We must return to the Constitution

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

    In our U.S. Constitution, our Founders meticulously designed three branches of government so that too much power would not be concentrated in any one branch because they understood that if one branch possessed unchecked authority, that power would ultimately diminish the inherent rights of the individual citizen. 

  • Healthy competition needed in the health care industry

    Competition is at the center of the American economy. It helps promote a healthy and favorable market for consumers. It forces businesses to perform at their highest and best level, working for the consumers, not against them.


  • Finding common ground on criminal justice reform

    Finding common ground isn’t always the headline story from Washington. But there are a number of issues where both Republicans and Democrats can agree. One of these is the need for reforms to the criminal justice system.


  • Another mass shooting

    By Vicki Gardner
    Executive Director
    Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce

        My heart is breaking upon news of another mass shooting in this country. Just more than a month ago, I was a shooter’s target. It was a terrifying experience that left me with a long healing process ahead. Since that incident, I’ve had plenty of time to contemplate this complicated social phenomenon and how it can be resolved.

  • GOP clown car a bumpy ride

        As the nation watches –  in horror – the bizarre show of the Republican Party trying to find someone willing to be House Speaker, the presidential candidates continue on their own strange path.
        There’s still Donald Trump, of course, who is now alternating between “I’ll never drop out” and hinting that he will, indeed, quit once his poll numbers flatline.

  • What’s Obama going to do?

        A saying, attributed to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, that compares negotiating with Barack Obama to playing chess with a pigeon, has been making its rounds of Facebook for a couple of years now. It’s hilarious, but it appears that Vladimir Vladimirovich never actually said it.
        Right now, Vladimir Vladimir-ovich isn’t doing any negotiating at all. He’s presenting  Obama with some facts on the ground in Syria. His unspoken message to Obama seems to be, “Deal with it.”

  • Cross Country meets bode well for SR and LHS

    Sports Editor

        Several Staunton River runners ran their personal bests at the Metro Cross Country Meet in Blacksburg this past Wednesday.
        The Staunton River girl’s team came in 18th place over all out of 25 participating schools.  River’s top girls were Rachel Maslen with a time of 26:47, Jessica Carreon-Gamez with a time of 27:03, Amy Vinson with a time of 29:21 and Jacklynne Goyne with a time of 30:36.

  • Logano wins at Charlotte to advance in NASCAR’s Chase

    By Reid Spencer
    NASCAR Wire Service

        CONCORD, N.C. – Congratulations, Joey Logano. You just drew the first get-out-of jail-free card for Talladega.
        With a dominating victory in Sunday’s rain-delayed Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Logano punched an early-bird ticket to the Eliminator Round of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

  • Liberty brings home two wins in District play

    Sports Editor

        The LHS Volleyball team went into its games last week off a win against Heritage Oct. 1. “They are working really hard getting used to the new rotation,” said Coach Alyssa Kidd of her squad. 
        Liberty won 3-0 against Rustburg Tuesday, Oct. 6. The first set was 25-15, the second set  25-17, and the third set 25-19.