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  • The war on affordable energy

    With the days getting shorter and the air crisper, families and businesses in the Sixth District are likely starting to use a little more electricity. As folks start to see electric bills tick up during the winter months, it’s hard to imagine the cost of electricity getting much higher – but consider this.



    By Amanda Adams
    Executive Director
    Bedford Main Street, Inc.

        On Saturday, September 27, we held our 33rd annual Centerfest. We were fortunate to have a beautiful, sunny day that brought thousands of people out into the streets of downtown Bedford.

  • Obama must resist pressure for war

    “Why is it that everybody is so eager to use military force?”
        That was President Barack Obama in April, when the pressure to intervene militarily against the latest terrorist organization, ISIS, first began to build.
        His question is one that could have been posed so many times in the post-World War II era. We’ve become a national security state since then, one buffeted by the great powers of the military-industrial complex.

  • Barack Hussein Bush

        Remember back when President George W. Bush invaded Iraq? Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction programs served as the casus belli for the invasion. It turned out that Hussein didn’t have any weapons of mass destruction programs at all. Left-wingers blamed President Bush accusing him of manufacturing an excuse to invade.

  • Despicable me

        There’s more shenanigans going on at the governor’s office and this time it lands right at the feet of Gov. Terry McAuliffe.
        Many Democrats enjoyed watching former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell go up in flames for his actions while in office and then doubled down accusing Republicans of luring then state Sen. Phillip P. Puckett to resign with enticements of job offers for himself and family members.

  • Football: River gets a trip to William Fleming


    Staunton River carries a certain distinction:  It is the only team in the state to play three teams named for cats who carry the first name of William.  First, the Eagles took on William Campbell.  And hot on the heels of their game with William Byrd, they get William Fleming.

    What, was will.i.am not available?

    This week's batch of Billies, however, should prove to be the toughest of them all.  The Eagles head to Roanoke to take on big, bad William Fleming.

  • Football: Lancers up next for Cavs


    Talk about role reversals!

    For most of this century, Jefferson Forest has suffered at the hands of the mighty Amherst football machine.

    This year, however, the Cavs appear to be the ones to be dreaded.

  • Shen-sational!


    For a team that was decimated by graduation losses, the Jefferson Forest golfing Cavaliers sure look like a bunch of winners.

    The Cavs added to their trove of treasure as they brought home the 4A-North region's first-place trophy on Monday.

    Already the top team in the Seminole District and in Conference 24, the regional champs now take aim at the big prize:  a State 4A-level championship.

  • Sports commentary: Black Saturday


    Weekends have changed forever.

    With the CW's announced cancellation of its slate of Saturday morning cartoons, a golden era has finally closed.

    When I was a young lad, Saturday morning consisted of an endless parade of cartoons.  What a joy it was to watch the likes of the Looney Tunes, Jonny Quest and Scooby Doo.

  • Byrd beats the Birds


    Going into Friday night's contest we were certain of only a single thing:  That one of the teams would experience the joy of victory for the first time this season.

    Alas, that team would not be the Staunton River Golden Eagles.

    Instead, it was the team's archrival, William Byrd, which savored the sweetness that comes only from winning.